Machinery list

State-of-the-art machinery offers you world class craftsmanship

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Our well-equipped production facilities, combined with our professionally competent employees in Denmark and Poland, ensure your company quality products in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

In the machine list, you can get acquainted with our machinery and get an insight into the options we offer to your company in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Machinery list for BSB Industry, Denmark

Laser cutting and sheet machining

  • Esab plasma / oxy-fuel cutting 3500 x 17000 mm
  • Messer plasma / oxy-fuel cutting 3000 x 8000 mm
  • Trumpf laser 7000W 2000 x 4000 mm
  • Trumpf laser 6000W 2000 x 4000 mm
  • Hydraulic bending machine L 3100 x 260T
  • Hydraulic bending machine L 3100 x 170T
  • Shear L 3000 x 12 mm


  • Mazak VTC 800 30SR X-3000 x Y-800 x Z-720 x B-220
  • Flexmill VF 5026 X-5200 x Y-2600 x Z-920
  • Flexmill NF 6233 X-6200 x Y-2700 x Z-920
  • Flexmill NF 6226 X-6200 x Y-2600 x Z-920
  • Fermat WRF 130 X-8000 x Y-3000 x Z-900 x W-730
    • Indexing table 2500 x 2000mm (25ton)

Machinery list for BSB Industry, Poland

Plates cutting

  • Laser cutter TRUMPF TRUMATIC L4030 (4000x2000)
  • Laser cutter TRUMPF TRUMATIC L3050 (3000x1500)
  • Laser cutter TRUMPF 5060 (L54) (6000x2000)
  • Plasma cutter OZAS-ESAB AIR PLASMA-80

CNC units

  • Bridge machining center CNC, VF-5026 – X-5000 x Y-2500 x Z-850
  • Machining Center CNC, IBARMIA ZV45/L3000 – X-2800 x Y-800 x Z-750
  • Machining Center CNC, DMG MORI EcoMill 1035V – X-1000 x Y-430 x Z-450
  • Machining Center CNC, HAAS VF5/40 – X-1250 x Y-500 x Z-600
  • Turninig and miling center CNC, DMG MORI ecoTurn 310 v3


  • Band saw BIANCO 370 S.A.
  • Band saw BIANCO 370 A
  • Band saw BTM S.r.I. 61.41 SA DS

Drilling units

  • Radial Drilling Machine VEB MASCHIRENFABRIK BR 40/2 x 1250
  • Radial Drilling Machine SIEG RADIAL 2B3060A x 16
  • Drilling Machine Column CORDIA HS-35VG
  • Universal lather ZMM SLIVEN CU500M


  • Pressbrake YAWEI PBH80
  • Pressbrake YAWEI PBB500
  • Bending machine RAS 76.30
  • Beveler CEVISA CHP-12
  • CABILUX SciTeeX PC-CL844
  • Blasting chamber CABILUX SciTeeX PC-CL1044
  • Semi-automatic gas cutter M-12 WASP MOST
  • Rolling Machine SAHINLER HPK-100NC

With our fine machinery and large capacity at our three factories in Denmark and Poland, we take on both complex and simple tasks for industries such as wind, offshore, defense and traditional industry.

We have your demands and needs at the center of our attention and can, with our state-of-the-art machinery, produce by the order, prepare for production and develop your products.

Are you in the need of state-of-the-art machinery?

Please contact us and learn how our state-of-the art production facilities can contribute with quality products to your company.


Heino Pedersen