Total solutions

Total solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum

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Are you looking for custom tailored solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum? In BSB Industry, we have the necessary capacity, state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled employees who work every day to ensure you and your company quality solutions within agreed delivery time and at competitive prices.

When your company chooses a total solution from BSB Industry, we handle the entire process from initial consulting to final assembly of the completed solution on to service and maintenance. The combination of our professional advice and skills in cutting, machining, welding and logistics is your guarantee of world-class craftsmanship and quality.

The process of a total solution:

  1. Consulting
  2. Development
  3. Purchaces
  4. Production
  5. Assembly
  6. Supply Center
  7. Service and maintenance

The total solutions are developed and produced in-house at our factories in Denmark and Poland. With a combined capacity of 20,000 square meters under roof and good lifting heights, we have the flexibility to handle both your smaller tasks and more complex solutions.

We produce by order, consult, prepare for production and take an active part in the development of your product. At all times we have a strong focus on delivering a solution that meets your expectations and requirements 100 percent, whether you operate in the wind industry, offshore or in traditional industry.

Why choose BSB Industry?

  • Your wishes and demands to the products are at the center of our attention
  • You get professional advice
  • You are guaranteed quality products
  • You pay a competitive price which increases your own competitivenes
  • You get solutions to complex tasks
  • You can count on short delivery time and high delivery safety

Are you in the market for a total solution?

Get a total solution in steel, stainless steel or aluminum.


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