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    At BSB Industry we are deeply committed to providing the best kind of quality. Our goal is to meet the agreed customer requirements and delivery times as well as to provide a service or product where quality and customer satisfaction is in focus.


  • World-Class Craftsmanship

    World-Class Craftsmanship

    BSB Industry stands for craftsmanship and quality. All our solutions are based on our solid and professional expertise. We are passionate about the work that we do and our customers know they may expect a product of the highest standard.


  • Quality in everything we do

    Quality in everything we do

    Our customers can be sure to receive quality products when doing business with us. The quality in our work is what makes the difference and we live up to that. Every time.


  • International Contract Manufacturer

    International Contract Manufacturer

    In order to provide the best service to our customers, we have established production facilities in both Denmark and Poland. This gives us the flexibility to offer our customers the best and most cost-effective solution.


About Us

As a supplier we produce customized steel constructions and specialize in metal working. With our strong experience we offer optimal and efficient products.


We have extensive expertise in all processes in the manufacturing of steel constructions including laser cutting and certified welding. Our machinery is modern and fully capable of in-house production.


Over time, we have conducted both large and small tasks in laser cutting, steel construction, certified welding and other metal working, e.g. to the wind turbine industry.


Quality is the key in everything we do. As our customer, you can expect quality products or services delivered on time. Every time.


BSB Poland

Contact Us

Contact Us


Please contact us to find out what we can do for you. Our extensive array of machines enables us to fulfill almost any task. With BSB Industry you are assured of quality from start to finish.


Tel. +45 75 55 99 66


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