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Do you need quality performance in cutting, machining or welding of steel, stainless steel or aluminum?

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BSB Industry A/S
Industrivej 7
DK-6640 Lunderskov

+45 75 55 99 66

Invoice email:

VAT identification number: DK25 63 15 87


BSB Industry A/S
Kongsbjerg 33
DK-6640 Lunderskov

+45 75 55 99 66


BSB Poland Sp. z o.o.
Ciechocin 36A
87-408 Ciechocin

+48 566 83 98 97 / +48 566 40 25 04
+48 566 83 98 97

E-mail do faktury:

NIP 956 22 46 142
KRS 0000324084
Nr rejestrowy BDO: 000073101

Employees Denmark

Claus Iwersen
Claus Iwersen Partner / CFO
Bjarne Elneff
Bjarne Elneff Partner / COO
Benny Elneff
Benny Elneff Partner / Storage & Logistics Manager
Kristian Sloth
Kristian Sloth Sales Director
Heino Pedersen
Heino Pedersen Production Manager
Winnie Fedders
Winnie Fedders Head of QHSE & CBI
Susanne Nielsen
Susanne Nielsen QHSE Coordinator
Tommy Pedersen
Tommy Pedersen Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Heino Rathcke
Heino Rathcke Cutting Department Manager
Morten Stoy
Morten Stoy Project Manager
Kenneth Schøler
Kenneth Schøler Procurement Engineer
Nina Gjelstrup
Nina Gjelstrup Key Account Manager
Rikke van Rensburg
Rikke van Rensburg Customer Service Coordinator
Majbritt Greisen Søgaard
Majbritt Greisen Søgaard Customer Service Coordinator

Employees Poland

Przemysław Majewski
Przemysław Majewski General Manager
Wioletta Dytkowska
Wioletta Dytkowska Financial Director
Paweł Kozłowski
Paweł Kozłowski Director of QHSE
Andrzej Górny
Andrzej Górny Key Account Manager
Katarzyna Ułanowska
Katarzyna Ułanowska Sales Project Manager
Piotr Grubecki
Piotr Grubecki Head of Production
Jarosław Milczarek
Jarosław Milczarek Supply Chain Manager
Rafał Adriańczyk
Rafał Adriańczyk Head of Construction and Technology Department
Piotr Cyrankowski
Piotr Cyrankowski HR Manager
Anna Bocian
Anna Bocian Quality Control Manager
Joanna Kowalska
Joanna Kowalska HSE
Mariusz Kubasik
Mariusz Kubasik Purchasing and Logistics Specialist
Paweł Zacniewski
Paweł Zacniewski Purchasing and Logistics Senior Specialist
Wojciech Chojnacki
Wojciech Chojnacki Main Welding Engineer
Anastasiia Kucheriava
Anastasiia Kucheriava Sustainability Specialist

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