Steel constructions

Solid steel constructions in black steel

Get high-quality steel constructions and steel frames

Get high-quality steel constructions and steel frames

Are you in need of a steel tower, transport equipment, frames or booms? At BSB Industry, we can produce just the steel constructions or the number of steel constructions you require.

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Steel constructions from idea to production

Most of our solutions are in black steel, but we are capable of producing in stainless steel and aluminum as well. All solutions come with the documentation package that fits your need.

BSB Industry offers you the necessary experience, the capacity and the technical insights for you to move from idea to production. If you need to get work drawings done for the assignment, we can help with that too.

We produce, among other things

  • Steel towers
  • Transportation equipment
  • Steel frames
  • Steel booms
  • Welded beams
  • Welded steel constructions

In BSB Industry we produce steel constructions of all kinds from steel towers and transport equipment for wind turbine blades to various frames, booms and welded steel constructions. All constructions are made according to your needs, requirements and specifications.

If you wish, we can test the assembling of your steel constructions in a tryout. Depending on your needs, we provide the constructions with the type of surface treatment specified.

At BSB Industry you get the exact documentation package that is prescribed.

BSB Industry offers you a partnership based on flexibility and quality. We produce world-class solid steel constructions, and we have the capacity needed to be able to guarantee you delivery on time.

Why choose BSB Industry as your steel constructions suppliers?

  • We are experts in black steel
  • A broad product range
  • We help you from idea to product
  • Experience, capacity and technical insights
  • We offer to test the assembling of your steel constructions in a tryout
  • Constructions with high reliability of delivery
  • We provide the documentation you require
    For example APQP for the wind industry or PPAP and PQP
Get a quote for steel constructions

Need steel constructions?

At BSB Industry we have the muscle, the capacity and the experience to produce solid steel constructions such as steel towers, transport equipment, frames and booms of the highest quality at a competitive price. We are one of the leading steel construction companies in Denmark and it is our goal the become the leader in the global steel construction market.


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