Transport equipment – wind power industry, production companies etc.

Development and production of professional lifting and transportation equipment

Smart and professional lifting equipment

Do you have a need for sturdy and efficient lifting and transport equipment? BSB Industry develops and produces professional and CE-approved transport equipment for the wind power industry, production companies, machinery manufacturers, logistics and transport firms.

Lifting and transportation often require specially developed transportation equipment that is designed and developed to handle the complexity of the task, and to meet the stringent safety requirements.

At BSB Industry we work with:

  • Transport platforms
  • Handling of nacelles and towers
  • Wing assembly
  • Rotor handling
  • Blade-stacking systems
  • Lifting equipment for production lines
  • Transport of wind turbines
  • Wind logistics
  • Crane applications
  • Special container solutions

Consultancy on lifting and transportation equipment for the wind power industry

At BSB Industry we specialise in the design, development and production of lifting and transportation equipment for the wind power industry. We have been developing solutions for the wind turbine industry for over 20 years. We use this experience in our development and production of equipment for, for example, production companies, machinery manufacturers and transport firms transporting parts of or complete wind turbine installations.

By working in partnership with BSB Industry, you get solid and intelligent solutions. Together, we produce the correct requirements specification, where we take 100% account of the conditions for use, and the requirements the lifting and transportation equipment must meet. We are naturally pleased to guide you through the whole process, from concept development to the finished CE-approved transportation and lifting equipment.

Why choose BSB Industry’s lifting and transportation equipment?

  • We have many years’ experience in the wind power industry
  • We understand your needs and adapt our solutions
  • We develop and produce CE-approved equipment
  • We can be involved in the entire process, from development to finished product
  • We have large capacity and a high level of reliability of delivery

Do you need lifting and transportation equipment?

Get specially designed lifting and transportation equipment developed and produced. We work closely with the wind power industry, production companies, machinery manufacturers and transport firms.


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