Sustainability – our responsibility – your future

Learn more about BSB Industry's work with ESG

At BSB Industry, we work within five main areas in our ESG journey.

  1. Environmental: CO2 reduction
  2. Environmental: Waste and Resources
  3. Social: Supplier Management
  4. Social: Health, Safety, and Well-being
  5. Governance: Legislation and Compliance
Marianne McElheron / Head of QHSES & CBI

Sustainability – our responsibility – your future

At BSB Industry, we care about the world and the future we pass on to our children and grandchildren. Through sustainable initiatives, we take responsibility and contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint, as well as increasing waste recycling, ensuring a healthy working environment, and complying with legislation and objectives.

Marianne McElheron / Head of QHSES & CBI

Sustainable ambitions

Through our work with ESG, we aim to contribute to:

  • Using 100 percent green energy in our productions
  • Utilizing energy more efficiently in our processes
  • Reducing waste and optimizing recycling
  • Creating a greener footprint along with our partners
  • Ensuring a continued good and healthy work environment for each other at BSB
  • Complying with legislation, objectives, and requirements through audits, engagement, and leadership

Health, safety, and well-being

At BSB Industry, we care about our employees and take their health, safety, and well-being seriously. Our employees are our greatest asset, and it is of utmost importance to us to create and maintain a workplace where employees feel welcome and valued. At the same time, our goal is to have healthy employees in a safe environment.

Near-misses are taken seriously

We are determined to have no workplace accidents at all, and we continuously work on our mindset regarding workplace safety. For example, we have made it easy to report near-miss incidents with QR codes placed throughout the factory.

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BSB Industry Safety Poster

Sustainable initiatives at BSB Industry benefit the climate

How we make an effort and a difference for the environment

BSB Sustainable Initiatives in BSB Industry

CO2 reduction is our ambition

At BSB Industry, we focus on sustainable initiatives, circular economy, recycling, and a green approach to solutions. CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, waste management, and general environmental optimization are all active components in our production processes and general operations and also apply as over-all and mandatory premises in all new projects and processes.

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Vestas Sustainability Certificate

At BSB Industry, we are proud of our partnership with Vestas, where we are jointly committed to working for a sustainable future.

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BSB Industry AS Vestas Sustainability Certificate

WasteApp is a benefit for the climate and the economy

BSB Industry has taken another sustainable initiative with the investment in the waste management system, WasteApp. With the app in hand, employees can easily order container emptying when needed, not according to a set frequency.

With our WasteApp, we now empty the containers when needed. Previously, we would experience having half-empty containers collected. That's a thing of the past now, and at BSB Industry, we expect to reduce the number of collections by 20-25 percent. This represents a noticeable gain for both the financial and sustainable bottom line because trucks only need to visit when necessary. It's a smart use of resources.

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WasteApp is a benefit for the climate and the economy

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Marianne McElheron
Head of QHSES & CBI

Marianne McElheron

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