QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy for BSB Industry


We will be your high-performing and trustworthy partner for value-adding solutions.


We are a global supplier of steel components, constructions, and specific solutions, that continues to increase customer value.

Business foundation

We deliver high-quality products for the wind- and other industries, and ensure that we always have the necessary resources and capabilities.

Our main goals are:

  • Timely delivery of steel solutions that meet customer requirements¨
  • Reducing the negative impact of our production on the natural environment as much as possible
  • Actions to protect human health and continuously improve occupational health and safety
  • Meeting and complying with legal requirements
  • Maintaining and improving the Integrated Management System

We achieve the above goals by:

  • Having a quality management system and meeting the requirements of current standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, EN 3834-2 and EN1090-2/3 with a balance between control and flexibility
  • Complying to relevant laws and continuous monitoring of external requirements
  • Continuous improvement with a primary focus on
    • Reduction of NCR’s, hours, and cost
    • Simplification of processes with focus on stability and robustness
    • Activities to prevent occupational accidents and diseases and optimize physical and psychological work environment
    • Environmental footprint by minimizing consumption and waste generated along with reduction of emissions
  • Rational and effective use of available resources with the right competences to develop business with our customers
  • Having employee training aimed at raising qualifications and making them aware of the important role they play in meeting customer requirements
  • Keeping a flat organization and having a good and healthy work environment at all levels, following national legislation
  • Acknowledging that our employees are an important resource and therefore committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace where involvement and development of the employees in matters of quality, health and safety and environmental protection is a natural way of working

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