Bearing Plates - Load distribution flanges

Get a solid and stable foundation with bearing plates

Bearing Plates for the wind industry

Bearing Plates for the wind industry

Do you need to distribute the weight from the wind turbine tower over a larger area? BSB Industry produces bearing plates that ensure your wind turbines stand on a solid, secure and stable foundation.

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Bearing plates construction from leading suppliers

Wind energy saves the climate tonnes of CO2 every single day, and, as a consequence of the demand for green energy, the size and capacity of wind turbines has grown considerably over many years. At BSB Industry we notice this from the sale of our bearing plates, which bear and distribute the weight and the enormous pressure from the large wind turbine towers on a larger surface.

Foundation for wind turbine

The foundation probably sounds like the simplest part of a wind turbine. But it requires a lot of precise calculations to ensure that the foundation on the ground is strong enough to hold the turbine’s tower, the turbine housing and the rotor when the wind sets the wings in motion.

For erecting larger wind turbines, and in areas with unstable and porous ground conditions, BSB Industry’s bearing plates are crucial for ensuring an even and stable foundation.

Bearing plates are cast in the surface of the concrete, and complete the foundation, so that it is ready for the erection of the turbine tower. The solution ensures that the pressure from the wind turbine is evenly distributed over the whole area. The result is a solid foundation that meets all requirements for safety.

Why choose BSB Industry’s bearing plates?

  • Customer-tailored flanges – 360, 180 and 90 degrees
  • Specialised in flanges for the wind power industry
  • High level of reliability of delivery
  • Large capacity and know-how
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Are bearing plates included in your project?

Get customer-tailored bearing plates produced for the erection of wind turbines. BSB Industry has the required capacity and a high level of reliability of delivery.


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