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The steel adventure took off in Lunderskov, Denmark, and then went international

The story about BSB Industry begins in 2000, when we opened our first factory in Lunderskov, Denmark. Since then we have gradually expanded our activities to a point where today we count 250 employees at our factories in Denmark and Poland. At our factories we have 20.000 square meters under roof and great lifting heights. Keywords to our growth are versatility, customer satisfaction and world class quality.

Total solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum

The combination of state-of-the art machinery and a highly professional expertise offers you professional consulting, great craftsmanship and world class quality. We have in-house capacity to develop and produce complete total solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum for you and your company.

Optimization programs create results and increase our competitiveness

Greater quality assurance, fewer delays and an improvement of 60,000 hours are the result of our optimization and development program, which we began in 2016. The goal of “Continuous Business Improvement”, popularly called CBI, is to improve the quality across BSB Industry's business areas for customers like you.


The mission for BSB Industry is to be an organization that provides comprehensive, innovative solutions and products in the steel processing industry. Our goal is to be the leader in the global steel construction market. BSB Industry is an ambitious organization that meets customer satisfaction through continuing business improvement. BSB Industry supports and secures a safe and friendly work environment.


  • BSB Industry increases the potentials and values of the business by pursuing business excellence.
  • We, the team of BSB Industry, work together to achieve our goals.
  • We treat our internal customers and external customers equally.


Quality: We live by the rule that demand and expectations of customers always come first.
Efficiency: We are effective in team achievements.
Partnership: We build relationships with our customers and suppliers.
Confidence: We trust and rely on each other to support the business and to achieve our goals
Respect: We respect time, tact, tone and each other.
Creativity: We resolve issues, whenever one appears.
Discipline: We require discipline first from ourselves, then from others.
Development: We are continuously developing our business.
Leader: We design trends.
Sustainability: We simply care, always accepting full Corporate Social Responsibility.

The UN’s 17 Goals to Transform Our World

The future of our natural environment is a matter of grave concern to everybody at BSB Industry. We care deeply about the climate and have accordingly our eyes fixed on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help create safe and lasting living conditions for our children and grandchildren.

Read about our climate-friendly initiatives

We support Break Cancer

"Stand Together - Break Cancer". The more we stand together when money is needed and when someone gets sick, the greater the effect we have together. And when we stand together, it is a signal that no one stands alone.

In BSB Industry, we support Break Cancer.

Read why we support Break Cancer 2020

We support Save the Children

Save the Children fights for children's rights and provides emergency and long-term assistance to vulnerable children in Denmark and the rest of the world.

With a newly signed corporate sponsorship, BSB Industry wants to recognize and support the great work the world's largest independent children's organization is doing for vulnerable children.

BSB Industry in support of Save the Children


Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen
Partner / CEO

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