25. February 2020

BSB Industry in support of Save the Children

Save the Children fights for children's rights and provides emergency and long-term assistance to vulnerable children in Denmark and the rest of the world. With a newly signed corporate sponsorship, BSB Industry wants to recognize and support the great work the world's largest independent children's organization is doing for vulnerable children.

BSB Industry supports Save the Children 3

"In BSB Industry, we already have set our minds working towards several of the United Nation’s 17 World Goals. We do that because we care about the world we live in. With the corporate sponsorship in Save the Children, we can now furthermore assist in helping some of the most vulnerable children in Denmark and internationally in the world's hot spots," explains BSB Industry CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

Save The Children Denmark is a member organization with more than 1000 volunteers who run more than 60 local branches all over the country. The Danish branch is part of the worldwide Save The Children humanitarian organization.

BSB Industry supports Save the Children 1

Save the Children makes a difference

With a business sponsorship, BSB Industry helps provide food to starving children and shelter for children affected by natural disasters. The support also helps ensure that emergency aid is distributed to children trapped in war, just as lost children on the run, without a mother or father to care for them, receive help.

"There are plenty of reasons as to why to support Save the Children. Our business sponsorship for instance helps educate children who are otherwise denied schooling. Save the Children is fighting for underaged girls and boys who are forced to undertake dangerous work, live a life on the street, or engage in premature marriage. In Denmark, with our support, we will be part of the effort to help and support vulnerable children who too often have to endure lives of violence and victimization outside of the community," Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen says.

BSB Industry supports Save the Children 2

86% of the money go directly to the children

As much as 86 percent of the sponsorship support goes directly to the children. In addition, seven percent goes to information and collection. Only seven percent goes to payroll and administration.

"Their tight management of the money and the efficient way they spend it are major reasons why we in BSB Industry have selected Save the Children to support in recognition of the difference they make for vulnerable children in Denmark and around the world," emphasizes BSB Industry-CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

BSB Industry supports Save the Children 6

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