Welding with a focus on quality and world class craftsmanship in steel constructions

Welding in uniform quality

Do you request welding in steel, stainless steel and aluminum that meets the highest demands of the industry? In BSB Industry, we are specialists and certified in all common welding processes. We deliver welding craftsmanship of the highest quality.

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Large capacity and high degree of flexibility

We have 20,000 square meters under roof at our plants in Denmark and Poland. With our high capacity and high degree of flexibility, your company gets quality welding of both larger and smaller components at competitive prices. Naturally delivered within the agreed time.

MIG and MAG welding (131, 135, 136, 138)

In the iron and metal industry, MIG and MAG welding are the most widely used welding methods. In BSB Industry, we naturally master both welding methods, and our skilled employees are ready to help you and your company accomplish all your welding tasks.

As you may know, MIG and MAG welding are welding methods where the welding wire is continuously added during welding. In welding, we use different welding materials, shielding gases and electric currents in the welding machine. This means that we can weld in all weldable materials with MIG and MAG welding.

Welding with a view to world-class quality and craftsmanship

TIG welding stainless (141)

In BSB Industry, we have extensive experience with MIG and MAG welding in ordinary steel and stainless steel. If you need to get welded in thinner, more precious materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, we typically use TIG welding. 

TIG welding is suitable for finer workpieces, because with this welding method we can get a high-quality welding that requires only minimum finishing. 

Which welding method best suits your solution is decided based on material and requirements for appearance. Our focus is of course on securing for you the best result and the most cost-effective solution. 

In BSB Industry we are certified according to DS / EN 3834-2.

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Make use of our professional expertise

In BSB Industry you can have welding work done by order or you can use our professional consulting and experience to prepare for production or develop your products. If you request NDT quality control, we will test according to your wishes and needs.

The satisfaction of our customers reflects that we are a supplier to a wide range of companies in the wind industry and traditional industry. Our three factories with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled work force handle all tasks, whether you require the manufacturing of individual units or complete total solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Why choose BSB Industry?

  • You get a partner that is certified in all common welding processes
  • Your products are welded with focus on quality and durability
  • You can perform NDT quality control according to your wishes
  • MIG, MAG and TIG Welding
  • Your products meet the strictest requirements in the industry
  • You get a high-capacity partner

Are you in need of welding?

Get welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum that meet the industry's highest demands.


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