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BSB Industry produces steel tower for process plants

In close collaboration with the customer, Airco DIET, and the co-supplier, BIIR Lean Engineering, BSB Industry has transformed 25 tonnes of steel into a grand steel tower and massive supporting structure for Airco DIET's latest processing plant for the tobacco industry.

Airco Diet processing plant for the tobacco industry

At Airco DIET, project engineer Ronni Blicher Madsen welcomes the finished result and praises the BSB Industry-produced steel tower as "the greatest and most perfect tower to date" delivered to and received by the Fredericia, Jutland-based company.

- We are very much pleased with the result that BSB Industry and BIIR Lean Engineering have jointly produced and delivered to us. It is designed according to the drawings and is easy to assemble for our installers. The steel tower in all respects meets our expectations and requirements, explains Ronni Blicher Madsen, who has worked closely with BSB Industry on the project.

- The BSB Industry organization applied all its skills to this project. They have cut, welded and bent an approximate 25 tons of steel as well as having been responsible for project management, procurement and coordination. We have felt very secure and confident in the final outcome. The dialogue has been solution-oriented, and together we have succeeded in optimizing the work process, so that we have been able to reach the target on time, says the project engineer.

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- Because of the extraordinarily tight schedule, BSB Industry purchased materials earlier in the project phase than usual in order to get a head start. Unfortunately, this resulted in a number of items being bent into a radius that turned out to be too sharp which unfortunately caused the items to crack when assembly of the structure later took place.

- Upon this happening, BSB Industry took instant action. We had them at our doorstep exactly an hour after our call to attention. Just two days later they had produced and replaced the 40 needed fittings. The complaint was dealt with, with complete professionalism, says Ronni Blicher Madsen, who is looking forward to doing future projects with BSB Industry.

- In terms of quality, BSB Industry's solutions are top of the class. Collaboration is flawless, and pricing is fair and transparent. We obtained two quotes for this steel tower. Pricing was almost similar, but the offer from BSB Industry stood out by way of including a whole new optimized drawing package.

- So in the end we selected the right supplier, made the right decision and got a great price. We also got to know the price of BIIR Lean Engineering's part of the project, and this added transparency makes us even more secure and confident in our collaboration with BSB Industry, emphasizes Ronni Blicher Madsen.

Facts about Airco DIET

Airco DIET develops and assembles process plants for the tobacco industry at its factory and headquarters in Fredericia, Jutland. DIET is the acronym for: Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco. The DIET process is pure, natural and safe, producing a number of advantages for the raw tobacco material.

Among advantages are: The weight of the tobacco per cigarette decreases, tar content is minimized, smoking quality is improved and the final amount of nicotine content in the combustible tobacco is reduced.

Airco DIET is a world leader in its field as all international premium cigarettes contain DIET as a basic ingredient.

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