16. November 2021

BSB Group expands the Board of Directors with top managers

On the Danish business newspaper Børsen's Top1000 list of the country's largest companies, BSB Group appear this year for the first time, positioned as number 758. Having entered the list, the growth ambitions do not stop here. The steel company has aspirations to grow bigger and stronger. Consequently, the board is now being expanded with two business heavyweights, Carsten Raunsbæk and Per Lyngaa.

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The BSB steel adventure took off under humble conditions in a horse stable in the small southeast Jutland town of Binderup Strand, where brothers Benny and Bjarne Elneff worked hard to make pieces for the emerging Danish wind industry, at the time pioneered by LM Wind Power. In just 21 years, they succeeded in developing and growing the company, so that today it has a turnover of over DKK half a billion and more than 250 employees at factories in Denmark and Poland.

- Benny and Bjarne Elneff, together with partners Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen and Claus Iwersen, as well as not least their talented employees, have succeeded in ways almost beyond imagination. One can only be deeply impressed by the adventurous growth they, all pulling together, have been able to unleash, says Chairman of the Board Jesper Knudsen.

He is pleased to note, that the BSB success story helps him attract business leaders from the top shelf to BSB Group's Board of Directors.

- New members of the board, Carsten Raunsbæk and Per Lyngaa, both have many years of experience with top management and business development on an international level. They have proven themselves capable for the positions and have been carefully sought out and selected for the board. We look forward to drawing on their experience in future developments of BSB Group, emphasizes the Chairman.

The role of the board: To inspire and develop

The two new faces on the board intend to use their toolbox from many years of work in the engine rooms of large corporations to help BSB Group make the right organizational decisions and implement strategies so that the steel company can attract new customer segments and develop business areas and products for the future.

Carsten Raunsbæk is looking forward to filling that role. He comes to the BSB board with many years of management experience from, among others, Beumer Group (intralogistic solutions) and Aarhus-based Terma Group (security technology), where he as vice president was responsible for a billion danish kroner business.

- BSB has been through a fantastic development. It is a well-run and solid business. In collaboration with the team, I will contribute with ideas and approaches from other business areas, which can help take the company to the next level, says Carsten Raunsbæk, who sees great growth potential in the company.

- My perspective is international. As I have worked with large customers all over the world, it is my role to inspire BSB with perspectives and input for business development that prove to be valuable, not the least in an international context, emphasizes Carsten Raunsbæk.

Huge international customer potential

Like Carsten Raunsbæk, the other new face on BSB Group's board of directors, Per Lyngaa, believes there is a huge customer potential in waiting for the company. As business leader, he has over 25 years of experience as a top manager with global responsibility in markets such as industrial manufacturing, the energy sector and offshore.

- It is no easy task to move a machine factory up from doing traditional forging and machining to providing complete solutions from engineering to supply chain solutions in the wind industry. BSB has succeeded in this, and it tells me that there is great customer potential in other industries and markets and abroad, says Per Lyngaa, who is looking forward to putting his experience into play at BSB.

- Over time, I have gathered knowledge, skills and international experience as CEO and country manager in large businesses such as Sapa and ABB, a leader in technology. My role will be, among other things, to pick the best input and ideas from large business and help create structure and systematics in the way we work at BSB. At the same time, I look forward to sparring with management and being an integral part of the team that helps develop and scale BSB Group internationally, emphasizes Per Lyngaa.

The Board of Directors of BSB Group consists of:

Jesper Knudsen, Chairman
Carsten Raunsbæk
Per Lyngaa
Benny Elneff
Bjarne Elneff

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