11. August 2021

BSB Group goes all in on sustainability

New collaboration with the Danish Design Center will provide BSB Group with tools to operate more sustainably and reduce resource consumption, switch to more climate-friendly forms of production and extend the life cycle of residual materials and waste.

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- In BSB Group, we have chosen to participate in a development project under Green Circular Transformation (GCO) in order to put even more focus on how we handle the issue of sustainability in the company. We look forward to working with the Danish Design Center, which is the catalyst in the project, and being challenged on how we can use design thinking to become more climate-friendly, explains Winnie Fedders, Head of QHSE & CBI in BSB Group.

Design can contribute to more climate-friendly production

She points out that design should not solely be understood as the design of products. Design can also be applied to processes and to rethink the way we produce.

- The project will be active for three to four months. In that time, we have teamed up with a sustainability consultant from the Danish Design Center, who through three training projects will teach us to use a number of specific tools, so that we become more skilled at identifying projects and issues, calculating CO2, visualizing potential initiatives and prioritizing efforts by looking on value creation, explains Winnie Fedders.

Our children and grandchildren deserve that we take sustainability seriously

According to Winnie Fedders and BSB Group, this is about taking responsibility for the company's climate impact, including reducing the consumption of resources or replacing them with climate-friendly alternatives, switching to more climate-friendly forms of production and extending the life cycle of residual materials and waste.

- When we have the right tools, we will better be able to assess which projects have the greatest effect on the climate account, and which it is therefore smartest to continue working with in our CBI program, says Winnie Fedders.

Our Children Deserve To Take Sustainability Seriously

Achieving a sustainable financial bottom line

She emphasizes that the project is not only about a climate-friendly, sustainable bottom line but also about a financial one.

- Of course, we also focus on the benefits that a sustainable approach may have for our bottom line. An example might be that we sell our waste to companies that can use it as a resource, instead of paying to get rid of it. Or it could be that we optimize lead time and produce more items for the same amount of energy, says an excited Winnie Fedders, who is looking forward to the training projects being started together with the Danish Design Center.

The collaboration has been launched as part of Green Circular Transformation (GCO), which is a national, Danish project that broadly and across industries develops and implements green and circular business models in small and medium-sized companies. It is funded by the EU and consists of 17 partners, including all of Denmark’s business counseling centers.


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