17. August 2023

BSB Industry hires project manager with extensive experience

Substantial professional challenges and a varied workday, combined with good comradery and a shared ambition to deliver the right solution at the right price, lay the foundation for the working life of 49-year-old Henrik Sommerlund.

Henrik Sommerlund

Before the new man in BSB Industry's offices in Lunderskov in Southern Jutland, devoted his passion to his work as a project manager in the oil industry, he worked for several years as a plate and construction welder and as a machine technician. Henrik Sommerlund thus acquired lots of practical experience and insights, which he later brought with him into his more managerial role.

- The combination of 15 years of experience as a project manager in the oil industry and work as a plate and construction welder and machine technician has given me a toolbox of wide range, which I look forward to utilizing at BSB Industry, along with my colleagues, subcontractors, and of course, customers, explains Henrik Sommerlund.

His driving force is happy and satisfied customers

He took up his new position at BSB Industry on June 1, and working alongside project manager colleague Morten Stoy, Henrik Sommerlund quickly got up and running with every aspect of his new job, from calculating offers to delivering finished steel solutions.

- My practical background has provided me, I believe, with insights that I can use in the design of, for example, steel components for the wind industry, as well as a keen understanding of how we can optimize production processes together with our customers, says Henrik Sommerlund, for whom pleased and satisfied customers always are paramount.


Henrik Sommerlund / Project Manager

Close dialogue with the customer

I make all efforts possible to thoroughly understand the customer's specifications before I calculate a price. Whether it's smaller brackets for a wind turbine, transport equipment, or a larger steel construction, it's important that we maintain and deliver at consistent and high quality in everything we do. A close and ongoing dialogue with the customer during the project is crucial here.

Henrik Sommerlund / Project Manager

What he appreciates: A varied workday

He is delighted to have gotten off to a good start at BSB Industry, where, above all, a warm reception from his colleagues, the variety of tasks, and shared responsibility for solutions are highly valued, he says.

- As a project manager at BSB Industry, I'm bound to be involved in the entire process. For example, I have a close dialogue with our customers and clarify tolerances and quality with production, says Henrik Sommerlund, who is always aiming to do things smarter today than was done yesterday.

- We're constantly looking at how we can optimize production to achieve the best possible solution at an attractive price that helps our customers stay competitive. This process is challenging and exciting, and it feels great when I, along with my skilled colleagues, subcontractors, and customers, am successful in achieving the right solution at the right price, emphasizes Henrik Sommerlund.


Henrik Sommerlund
Project Manager

Henrik Sommerlund

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