2. January 2020

BSB Industry hires Sales Director

Kristian Sloth replaces the title of interim sales manager on January 2 with a full-time position as Sales Director at BSB Industry.

Kristian Sloth

The appointment of 50-year-old Kristian Sloth as Sales Director pleases CEO of BSB Industry, Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

"The collaboration with Kristian has developed like a three-stage rocket. In 2017, he facilitated our strategy process via his position as business developer at Deloitte. He did that so well that we decided to hire him as a consultant and interim sales manager when he founded his company Sloth Consulting in 2018," says Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen, who looks forward to continuing the cooperation in the highest gear, now with Kristian Sloth as a full-time force for BSB Industry.

"In his efforts as consultant and interim sales manager, Kristian has played a crucial role in executing our sales strategy. We are now in the process of entering the US, the German and other European markets, and to that purpose we need a Sales Director of Kristian's caliber. At BSB Industry, we are therefore pleased that Kristian has chosen to accept the position," emphasizes Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

Kristians Sloth’s career as an independent consultant and business developer got significantly shorter than expected, but a full-time position as Sales Director at BSB Industry would offer so many exciting challenges that Sloth was never in doubt when he was offered the job.

"Our collaboration has evolved gradually. I have steadily been offered more hours, more responsibilities and more, new tasks. BSB Industry is an extremely exciting company with great growth potential, and I look very much forward to being part of this development on a full-time basis," explains Kristian Sloth.

"My most important task is to retain and develop customers in the Danish and the international markets. We have several exciting projects underway, particularly in the USA and in Germany, and with my new position, I will be able to dedicate myself fully and 100 percent, together with the whole BSB Industry team, to deliver value-added solutions to our customers and growth to our company," says Kristian Sloth.

Kristian Sloth has started as Sales Director as of today, January 2, 2020.


Kristian Sloth
Sales Director

Kristian Sloth

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