10. June 2021

BSB Industry hires the robot Mirca Robotson

Nina Gjelstrup and her colleagues in BSB Industry's customer service have welcomed a not quite ordinary new colleague. The name is Mirca Robotson, and as you have probably already guessed, it’s a robot.

Nina Gjelstrup

- Mirca Robotson will help customer service solve time-consuming and simple routine tasks. She works as long as there is electricity in the wires and does not need lunch, breaks or small talk, says Partner and CFO of BSB Industry Claus Iwersen with a smile.

His estimate is that BSB Industry's skilled employees in customer service will be released from a workload that translated into hours correspond to a good full-time position.

- The investment in robot technology is in no way about us having fewer employees in customer service. It's about us spending working time smarter and more intelligently. The time and effort we save on simple keystrokes and repetitive routine tasks, we can alternatively spend on creating more value for our customers measured on competitive prices, fewer errors in deliveries and higher security of delivery, Claus Iwersen emphasizes.

Robot colleague is already proving its potential

Mirca Robotson has been developed in close collaboration with one of BSB Industry's customers, and after thorough testing and a carefully planned start-up phase, the robot is immediately unleashing its potential. Here is what Key Account Manager, Nina Gjelstrup, says. She is enthusiastic about the efforts her new robot colleague is making.

- Mirca has indeed proved her worth. Once we feed her a serial number, she handles the traceability of the entire value chain from A to Z with different trigger points. The digitization of the otherwise manual work process frees up a lot of hours we can spend on giving our customers an even better individual service, Nina Gjelstrup explains.

The opportunities and the potential in digitalisation are great in BSB Industry, and Nina Gjelstrup expects that Mirca Robotson will get more and more tasks in the steel company.

- We already use our new robot to press for order confirmation from suppliers, just as Mirca does daily delivery follow-ups. If there are deviations, we will be notified. Otherwise it runs automatically without us having to spend time on it. In the near future, we will be looking into letting our robot colleague be responsible for the invoicing process, and how we can use the new technology to optimize our entire Supply Chain Solution for the benefit and pleasure of our customers and partners, says an excited Nina Gjelstrup.


Nina Gjelstrup
Key Account Manager

Nina Gjelstrup

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