18. November 2019

BSB Industry holds on to its valued senior staffers

Although BSB Industry bookkeeper Karen Iversen is set to retire, she has chosen to remain an active member of the labor force. This is appreciated very much by both the BSB Industry company and by Karen’s immediate colleagues, who have chosen to put in writing what an amazing person Karen is.

Karen Iversen - BSB Industry

By the colleagues of Karen at BSB Industry

BSB Industry bookkeeper Karen Iversen today earns the right to retire, but, defying age and conventions, has chosen to remain an active member of the labor force. Her rationale is simple and straightforward: "One is meant be active, to keep going and to using one’s head."

Staying active, that's Karen. She is seen often at the gym as well as in her cardplaying club of bridge. She is busy with her children and grandchildren. Once a week she picks up her grandkids and takes them to the swimming pool, to the family summer house or abroad on vacations. Karen keeps and maintains a wide network, she is always in great spirits and she is super fresh of mind.

BSB Industry wishes to hold on to it senior staffers

BSB Industry is, mind you, a company for which steel is the all-important raw material, and also happens to appreciate “the gray gold” as valued senior staffers are often called. Everyone is happy for both Karen and for the company, that she has decided to continue to work in bookkeeping. The reason is that it is incredibly important to have and to keep employees who have long life experience.

"Karen is punctual and detail-oriented to the highest degree. She belongs to a generation where every penny count. Experienced employees like Karen are extremely valuable to our company," emphasizes BSB Industry CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

From abacus and punched paper to financial management with Navision

Karen has worked as a bookkeeper for over four decades. She has been part of almost incredible transformation of the business from manual work then to digitally automated procedures now. From abacus, punched paper and typewriter to today's electronic system Navision. She is also involved in the firm's optimization strategy CBI on an equal footing with other employees, as well as playing a central role in BSB Industry's staff association.

Only teasing: There is also a touch of forgetfulness

If we have to point to one little thing where age shows, we may teasingly mention a certain touch of forgetfulness. In case of trouble, we the colleagues gladly help out finding lost items like a phone or some glasses and bring them to Karen’s home address. Likewise, John, Karen's husband, is quite often seen coming by the workplace with things forgotten at home.

Kidding apart, all of us here at BSB Industry look forward to having Karen as a member of the staff for many years to come, as she contributes, in addition to great professionalism, with positivity and an unwavering good mood.


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