17. February 2020

BSB Industry implements Soludyne quality management system

With the implementation of the electronic quality management system Soludyne, BSB Industry has acquired an efficient tool to create and maintain an ongoing overview of the processes, documents and records that are important for BSB Industry operations.

CEO - Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen & Sales Director Kristian Sloth

"The quality management system enables sharing best practices and learning from one another, as well as providing employees with answers and solutions on how to do proceed in work processes if in doubt. These as factors that are critical to cost optimization and to increasing efficiency, revenue and competitiveness," explains Quality And Process Specialist, Winnie Fedders, who is responsible for the rollout of the quality system throughout BSB Industry.

Soludyne quality management system - a smart tool

With Soludyne, BSB Industry has acquired the ability to break down the company's strategy into operational actions, as the quality management system contains detailed descriptions of the work processes.

"For instance, if there are indications that a process takes too long or the quality is not uniform, we can utilize the system to identify and pinpoint the challenge, because we have categorized and visualized the different steps in the workflow. This means that we can take immediate action to achieve a stronger performance," explains Winnie Fedders.

A springboard for an even better customer journey

The Soludyne quality management system is a great stepping stone for BSB Industry to become even more efficient and to secure a greater degree of collaboration across the entire company.

"The quality management system is a great tool that helps ensure that we do not suboptimize in silos, but instead keeps us attentive to the fact that all cogwheels are interconnected across the entire organization. With Soludyne, for example, we can detect deviations, complaints, near misses, internal audits and risk analyzes. The system provides us with a clear and revealing picture of our present performance, of where we stand here and now," explains Winnie Fedders, emphasizing that it offers customers a number of benefits.

"Our efforts with the quality management system, combined with our three annual CBI optimization waves, produce a number of benefits for the customers. For example, cost optimization helps ensure that we are able to keep offering competitive prices, as the overall effort also strengthens our hand in matters of complying with standards, being flexible and adaptable to customer’s demands and having a high degree of security of delivery with a minimum of deviations and complaints," explains Winnie Fedders.


Winnie Fedders
QHSE Specialist

Winnie Fedders

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