13. December 2018

BSB Industry in play as Best Managed Company 2019

Deloitte's Best Managed Companies Award was first awarded in Canada in 1993. Best Managed Companies have since become a global event that has spread to, among others, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Mexico and Chile.

Safety is high on the agenda

In 2019 the competition will come to Denmark, where BSB Industry A/S, among others, will participate.

"We are proud to be invited to participate in Deloitte's new initiative in Denmark. Best Managed Companies is a program that measures Danish private companies' leadership and strategy capabilities, and we are pleased to note that Deloitte has pointed to us as a potential winner", says a happy CEO of BSB Industry A/S, Teddy Norsgaard Jorgensen.

Participation in Best Managed Company 2019 is a strong international quality stamp, and the invitation allows BSB Industry A/S to participate in special events, as well as benchmarking with comparative companies.

"The Best Managed Company award is won jointly by management and employees, the competition thus presenting to us an excellent opportunity to reflect on and work on BSB Industry's strategy and business plan in close collaboration with our talented employees," emphasizes Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen.

Winners will be announced in spring 2019.

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