10. August 2022

BSB Industry is first Danish company to switch to completely CO2-neutral gases from Linde

With the switch to CO2-neutral welding gases, the steel construction factory BSB Industry will emit over 130 tonnes less CO2 annually. The climate-friendly welding gases are delivered by Linde Gas, which as the only air gas producer offers 100 percent climate-neutral industrial gases as well as gases for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

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It is no coincidence that it is BSB Industry A/S in Lunderskov that, as the country's first company, has replaced traditionally produced industrial gases with climate-neutral industrial gases from Linde Gas A/S. This according to Winnie Fedders, who is quality and environment manager at BSB Industry.

- We are constantly on the look-out for opportunities to make our production more climate-friendly, and we have calculated that, based on our 2021 consumption, we will be able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by 132 tonnes with the switch to climate-neutral gases. We are particularly pleased to be able to increase our CO2 reductions at the same time as our turnover increases.

BSB Industry uses the gases for welding and cutting in the production of constructions in steel and aluminium, and for this the company is now supplied with the climate-neutral versions of the liquid gases oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The gases are part of Linde Green, which is Linde's new series of CO2-neutral gases, which in addition to those mentioned above also include carbon dioxide.

Lindegree collaborates with BSB Industry

The only completely CO2-neutral gases

With Linde Green, Linde is the only manufacturer to offer 100 percent CO2-neutral liquid industrial gases as well as gases for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

The gases are produced using renewable energy, and Linde climate-compensates for only a very small part of the production through certified afforestation projects. In addition, Linde guarantees that the transportation of the green gas to customers does not burden the climate with CO2 either. That guarantee, together with the entire other production of the Lindre Green series, is inspected and validated by the international auditing and consulting company KMPG.

The introduction of Linde Green aligns naturally with Linde's mission, says Jan Christensen, who is Linde's sales director in Denmark.

- It is crucially important for Linde to support and contribute to the green transition, because sustainability is a cornerstone of our mission to make the world more productive. With the Linde Green concept, we take the next step towards enhanced sustainability. At the same time we meet a clearly increasing demand from our customers for products that help them to a greener profile. We do it in practice by guaranteeing that they will in no way harm the climate if they use Linde Green. If customers use, for example, 100 tonnes of our liquid Linde Green oxygen in their production, the climate impact of this is a big, round zero. In addition, they can actually reduce the CO2 emissions from their total production, because our gases also enable them to produce more energy efficiently.

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Winnie Fedders / Head of QHSE & CBI

Green focus increases competitiveness

When we continuously take initiatives to reduce our CO2 emissions, we are not just meeting increasing demands from customers for our green profile - it is simply a prerequisite for being competitive in the future.

Winnie Fedders / Head of QHSE & CBI

A prerequisite for competitiveness

Depending on gas type and consumption, the Linde Green gases are between two to 10 percent more expensive than traditionally produced gases. For BSB Industry, the costs for cutting and welding gases have increased by "less than 10 percent" after the switch to the CO2-neutral gases, and BSB Industry sees this as an unavoidable investment in the future.

- When we continuously take initiatives to reduce our CO2 emissions, we are not just meeting increasing demands from customers for our green profile - it is simply a prerequisite for being competitive in the future.

It is increasingly clear to us that customers get more and more interested in the CO2 footprint of our products. When we, as the first company in the country, switch to Linde Green, it sends a strong signal that we are at the forefront of the green transition in our industry, and that we would like to show the way for other companies within the heavy industry, says Winnie Fedders.

Lindegreen 100% CO2 neutral welding gas

A certificate for reduced CO2 emissions

BSB Industry will receive an annual certificate showing how many tonnes they have reduced their CO2 emissions by through Linde Green. Sales director Jan Christensen from Linde Green expects that the vast majority of Linde's customers will get to receive a similar certificate in the years to come.

- My bet is that between 80 and 100 percent of the customers who today receive liquefied gases in tanks will have switched to Linde Green by 2030. The next step is that within the next few years we will also offer our customers Linde green gases as compressed gases in bottles. This will help customers further reduce their CO2 emissions, and at the same time be an additional hallmark of Linde's ambition to help drive sustainable development in Denmark.

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Facts about Linde

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company with 2021 sales of $31 billion (€26 billion). We live our mission of making our world more productive every day by providing high-quality solutions, technologies and services which are making our customers more successful and helping to sustain and protect our planet.

The company serves a variety of end markets including chemicals & energy, food & beverage, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, metals and mining. Linde’s industrial gases are used in countless applications, from life-saving oxygen for hospitals to high-purity & specialty gases for electronics manufacturing, hydrogen for clean fuels and much more. Linde also delivers state-of-the-art gas processing solutions to support customer expansion, efficiency improvements and emissions reductions. 


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