5. June 2019

BSB Industry lays the foundation for a new export adventure to the US

The Anchor Cage, a premium product from Denmark-based BSB Industry, caught the attention of many at the recently held AWEA WINDPOWER 2019 conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

BSB-Industry - Takes first sod for new export adventure on U.S. market - Kristian Sloth 1

At the annual AWEA WINDPOWER conference all major players in the US wind industry and manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from more than 50 countries convene. This year, for the first time, the conference had the participation of BSB Industry, and according to BSB Industry Sales Manager Kristian Sloth the visit was a great success.

BSB Industry, with factories in Denmark and Poland, is one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Europe within the market for total solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

"We have had some very good days in Houston, where we were met with great interest and a growing demand for our Anchor Cages, a solution that anchors the wind turbine tower to the foundation of land wind turbines," explains Kristian Sloth.

He traveled to Houston accompanied by CEO of BSB Industry, Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen, to promote the Anchor Cage solution and build contacts within the American market.

The Anchor Cage total solution is of interest to US companies

Sales Manager Kristian Sloth and CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen left the conference with the firm belief that there is a sound basis for a Danish export adventure to the American market.

"The US wind energy industry market is growing rapidly, and it appears that the demand for Anchor Cages at this point in time is greater than the supply. The US companies would certainly want to talk to us. It is regarded as a potential great advantage to them that we can offer a comprehensive Anchor Cages solution with bolts, foam, plates and whatever else is needed for the setup. This kind of total solution is attractive to the Americans, and in combination with slightly lower steel prices in Europe, we can offer a very competitive product,” explains Kristian Sloth.

CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen at the AWEA WINDPOWER 2019
CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen at the AWEA WINDPOWER 2019

DWEA and The Trade Council are helping to pave the way

BSB Industry participated in the conference together with a number of Danish companies through the Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA), which works to promote Danish interests internationally.

"Danish companies have en fine reputation in the international wind turbine industry. Combined with a good collaboration with both DWEA and The Trade Council (formerly known as The Export Council), this has made our entry into the US market a little easier", says Kristian Sloth. A concrete example of the help the Lunderskov, Jutland-based company has received, was the following.

"The Trade Council, through their network, booked a number of meetings for us with US contractors. When we were not busy with these meetings, we looked for interesting partners on our own", explains Kristian Sloth. He will return to the US by September this year to discuss further cooperation with potential buyers and business partners.

"We clearly expect our Anchor Cages to be successful in the US market. Having laid the foundation, we look forward to working purposefully to secure yet another Danish export success to the US", emphasizes Kristian Sloth.


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