7. February 2023

BSB Industry nominated for sustainable development award

Steel giant BSB Industry is a contender for the Sustainable Development Award in Kolding. The winner of the distinguished honor will be revealed on 23 February, when Business Association Kolding is hosting the entire municipality's business community for a large-scale AWARD '23 show at the Comwell hotel.

The UN 17 World Goals are taken seriously in BSB Industry

Climate awareness, responsible production and good business conduct are at the heart of BSB Industry. Even before the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) focused the worlds attention on the issue of climate change, the company worked with a mindset of reducing energy consumption, recycling waste from production and improving the working environment for its several hundred employees in Poland and Denmark.

- At BSB Industry, we are thrilled to be one of three nominees for Business Kolding's Sustainable Development Award 2022. It means everything to us that our efforts are being recognised, because both in management and among our employees, the issue of sustainable development is vitally important to all we do, says Winnie Fedders, the head of QHSE & CBI at BSB Industry.

Nomination video

Please, watch the nomination video about BSB Industry's nomination for the Sustainable Development Goals Award.

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BSB Industry is a leader in the quest for green business practices

BSB supports ten of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help create a better future. The company has a specific focus on goal 12, which is about responsible consumption and production, goal 7, which focuses on sustainable energy, and goal 13, which concentrates on climate action.

- Through our Continuous Business Improvement program, both management and employees get involved by contributing with ideas and suggestions. Some proposals are about reducing energy consumption, others are about working smarter, while some ideas help by improving the working environment, explains CEO Morten Krusborg, who sees employee involvement as an all-important foundation for all efforts at the company.

- By involving our employees, we arrive at the best possible solutions, just as we ensure a great commitment from everybody in our constant effort to develop BSB Industry as a workplace where the climate and the working environment are top priorities, explains the CEO.


Winnie Fedders / Head of QHSE & CBI

We work for sustainable development

This we don't do because we must. We do it because we are BSB Industry and, as such, have the capacity and know-how to contribute to the development of a sustainable future.

Winnie Fedders / Head of QHSE & CBI

Examples of sustainable initiatives at BSB Industry

  1. Partnership with the wind turbine manufacturers focuses on shared responsibility for a sustainable future
  2. Recycled steel pallets save the environment almost 10,000 wooden pallets annually
  3. 100 percent green energy at our Danish factory produces an 800 tons CO2 reduction annually, equivalent to the emissions of 800 flights from Billund, Denmark, to Gran Canaria, Spain
  4. Setting up 2000+ wind turbines worldwide in 2022
  5. Automation of packing of pallets improves the working environment
  6. Climate-friendly and CO2-neutral cutting and welding gas produces a CO2 gain of 130 tons annually, equivalent to the emissions of 32 cows in a whole year
  7. Food waste is converted into reusable biogas
  8. Employs persons with special needs in flexjobs and supports the local community in both Poland and Denmark
  9. Optimizing production time reduces energy consumption
  10. Condensed water from heat pumps is used to cool down machinery
  11. Cafeteria with healthy and varied lunch, where BSB pays half
  12. Vaccinations are offered to all employees
Green Power

More than 2000 wind turbines in place in 2022

As a supplier to the major OEMs in the wind industry, BSB Industry produces constructions and solutions that are essential to building the world’s energy infrastructure. Solutions such as Anchor Cages, transportation equipment and bearing plates help ensure that wind turbines can be erected which means that more people around the world will have access to renewable energy. In 2022, there will be more than 2,000 wind turbines worldwide that were set up with components from BSB Industry.

- At BSB Industry, we feel a special obligation to use green power and climate-neutral welding gas, because it helps to support the goals of the industry, we are part of. Just as we are constantly searching for ways to create an even better working environment. We enter partnerships with the wind turbine manufacturers to focus on our shared responsibility for creating a sustainable future. This we don't do because we must. We do it because we are BSB Industry and, as such, have the capacity and know-how to contribute to the development of a sustainable future, emphasizes Winnie Fedders.

Vestas Sustainability Certificate

Facts about the Sustainable Development Award

The Sustainable Development Award is presented to an organization or company resident in Kolding Municipality that has engaged with one or more of the UN's 17 development goals. Sustainability, the climate agenda, circular economy or other parts of the development goals are an integral part of the strategy and business basis of the company.

The prize is awarded by Business Kolding on Thursday 23 February 2023.

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Winnie Fedders
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Winnie Fedders

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