7. June 2021

BSB Industry-success in the United States sets the stage for acquiring more milling capacity

With a large investment in a new machining center BSB Industry expands its capacity and ensures that we can meet growing demand and produce and supply larges flanges for among others the US market.

Machining center Vision Portal milling machine

Machining center increases capacity

With this new machining center, BSB Industry has acquired the necessary extra milling capacity, just as the machine factory now can offer the services of a portal milling machine that can handle large wind turbine items.

- The 80 tonne machine has a machining range of X6.200 mm and Y4.700 mm. The particular feature of our new portal milling machine is that it can produce both flanges and door segments, which comes handily, emphasizes Heino Pedersen.

Vision Wide Portal Milling Machine

- Our new Vision Wide Portal Milling Machine is supplied by Duroc Machine Tool. It is the so far largest of its kind in Denmark. It is telling that it required as many as six truck hauls to get it to our production facility in Lunderskov, says Heino Pedersen, Production Manager at BSB Industry.

Larger flanges require larger gear

BSB Industry has for several years now proven to be a true growth adventure that goes on and on, even despite challenges set by the covid-19 pandemic.

- We are busy almost beyond belief and grow quite significantly every year. Among other things, we have opened up the American market and have landed up to several major orders for flanges, says sales director Kristian Sloth.

The success in both the American and European markets means that the milling machines that the company possesses are booked to the breaking point.

- We are seriously ambitious when it comes to growth. Consequently, it is only natural for us to invest in a new portal milling machine that is larger than the others we have and that increases our production capacity. The new machining center is primarily aimed at wind turbine towers. The flanges and Anchor Cages are at the same time getting bigger and bigger, and that naturally requires that we also invest in our production facilities so that we can continue to meet customer demand, Kristian Sloth emphasizes.


Heino Pedersen
Production Manager

Heino Pedersen


Kristian Sloth
Sales Director

Kristian Sloth

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