8. March 2019

BSB Industry takes workers' safety seriously

A safe, healthy and secure workplace is crucial to BSB Industry, says production and security manager Heino Pedersen, who has started work on becoming ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

Safety is high on the agenda

"For many years, BSB Industry has worked with QHSE and optimized on the parameters in question such as quality, health, safety and the environment. With the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, we take the next step implementing the most recognized international standards within environmental management systems," explains Heino Pedersen.

ISO 14001 certification ensures environmental improvements

ISO 14001 is an international standard in environmental management systems. BSB Industry works with the certification, among other things, to identify and understand the company's environmental conditions and impacts according to the company's activities, products and services.

"Working with the ISO 14001 certification, we optimize our understanding of how to handle important environmental conditions, implementing the necessary controls, and how we best set clear goals for improving the environment. In short, it is about developing a sharp environmental policy and setting clear goals," says Heino Pedersen, who emphasizes that there are more benefits from working with ISO 14001.

"We are building an environmental management system with a well-defined and clear structure that is effective in monitoring and measuring our environmental efforts. This means that we can reduce our environmental impact to a minimum and significantly reduce our energy consumption," explains Heino Pedersen.

ISO 45001 certification will strengthen the working environment

With the ISO 45001 certification, BSB Industry will ensure that the company takes all necessary steps to create the best possible working environment.

"Good relations between management and employees help to ensure a healthy working environment. At BSB Industry, we believe that we can improve the psychological working environment through collaboration and dialogue and by caring for each other and understanding the colleagues' important job functions," explains Heino Pedersen and elaborates:

"A working environment management system according to ISO 45001 sets up the conditions for us to improve our performance in relation to the working environment. At the same time, it provides management with a number of tools for managing the risks that are within our industry. It will help to reduce our already very low number of work-related accidents to an absolute minimum and create an even more secure, healthy and safe workplace," explains the production and security Manager.


Heino Pedersen
Production Manager

Heino Pedersen

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