27. August 2019

BSB Industry upgrades with new procurement engineer

Faced with a steadily growing demand for kit sets and components for wind turbines and in order to meet order intake and ensure continued high delivery security and competitive prices, BSB Industry is adding procurement engineer Kenneth Schøler to its staff.

Kenneth Schøler - everydaystory

Kenneth Schøler, 38, who graduated in procurement, comes with more than 15 years of experience from similar positions. With a deep knowledge of the most qualified field of subcontractors, strong market insights and broad experience in general planning and procurement, BSB Industry's new procurement engineer is well positioned to ensure delivery security and competitive prices for both existing and new BSB Industry customers.

"Initially, my focus will be on optimizing the business area of kit sets and components for wind turbines. We are experiencing a large order intake and this requires that we are constantly on the lookout for new skilled subcontractors and as well as developing and strengthening the cooperation with our existing partners. Strong collaboration with the subcontractors is crucial to delivering kits and components to the tower builders with the highest security of delivery and at competitive prices," explains Kenneth Schøler, who will also play an important role in rolling out BSB Industry's overall business strategy for growth.

"In addition to the focus on supplier development and collaboration with our subcontractors, I am proud to be part of the team that works to grow BSB Industry by opening doors to new and larger customers and relevant markets both at home and abroad. We are also busy generating more sales to existing customers, who today may only make use of one or a few of our competencies and business areas," explains Kenneth Schøler.

Kenneth Schøler lives in the southern part of Jutland in the beautiful, old town of Ribe with his wife and three children.


Kenneth Schøler
Procurement Engineer

Kenneth Schøler

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