9. September 2020

BSB Industry's 20 year anniversary story told by Benny and Bjarne

These days 20 years ago, brothers Benny and Bjarne Elneff started an adventure in steel in a horse stable at Binderup Strand, South Jutland, Denmark, under the name BSB Maskinfabrik.

Bjarne Elneff

Our first job was to change the roof at Sjølund Maskinfabrik. We took on the task with the intent of raising enough money to invest in a truck, machinery and some tools. The office consisted of a chest of drawers, and the chair was a straw bale, Benny and Bjarne Elneff remember with a laugh.

Quickly the small, newly started machine factory got serious with tasks for upcoming wind giant LM Wind Power, which at the time was called LM Glasfiber.

We worked at LM Glasfiber from very early morning until 4 in the afternoon. In the evening we continued working, now in the horse stable, where we prepared the pieces we needed for the next day's tasks. We were so busy that soon we arranged for two or three friends to come by and help us in their spare time. These were long days, but it was the greatest time, reminiscence Benny and Bjarne Elneff, who are especially pleased that LM Wind Power to this day is still an important customer to the BSB company.

Trained for a future in farming, the brothers built the machine factory's first domicile at nearby Kongsbjerg, Lunderskov, with their own hands.

BSB Industry - Aerial photograph

We had basic building training at the school of farming, so we figured we might easily handle the construction of the factory in Lunderskov, ourselves. In fact, we did. The first part was completed in 2003, and, with some help, in 2005 and 2007 stages 2 and 3 followed, recollect the founders.

At the time they were not aware that they were in the process of laying the foundation for a great international company, having no regrets of leaving farming behind, substituting it for a blacksmith education and a career as self-employed and independent businessmen in the world of steel.

A few years later, in 2009, we started up in Poland in rented premises that looked like something from the Stone Age. The employees worked outside in minus 10 degrees Celsius, sawing and hammering. That wouldn’t do, so rather quickly we had new production facilities constructed, starting in 2011 and adding additional space in 2013 and 2014. Back in Denmark, we acquired (2013) the buildings on Industrivej, Lunderskov, and last year (2019) we rented even more space on Tværvej.

Today we number a total of 250 employees at our factories in Denmark and Poland. We have gotten an international name and have established ourselves as a significant player in the wind industry in particular, where we supply most component-producing OEM-companies in both offshore and onshore, says CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen and CFO Claus Iwersen, who are both partners in BSB Industry.

Known for providing world-class craftsmanship and quality at the right price, BSB Industry has succeeded in attracting and keeping a wide range of customers from various industries. This very much due to our many fantastic, talented and not the least professionally skilled employees.

The first 20 years in BSB Industry have been a fantastic journey. We are proud and grateful that loyal customers and partners like you have believed in us and shown us trust.

We look forward to gaining further market share with all of you in the years to come. 

Bjarne Elneff
Founder / Partner / COO

Benny Elneff
Founder / Partner

Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen
Partner / CEO

Claus Iwersen
Partner / CFO

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Bjarne Elneff
Partner / COO

Bjarne Elneff

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