3. November 2020

BSB Poland switches to 100 percent green energy

After more than a year of intensive research, BSB Poland has finally found a partner that can supply 100 percent green energy for the company's business operations concerning the cutting, machining and welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Przemyslaw Majewski

BSB Poland General Manager Przemysław Majewski is looking forward to implementing the green solution in 2021, when the company’s current electricity agreement expires, and he looks forward as well to making an important step forward in the company’s contribution to combat the violent smog and air pollution that is ravaging Poland.

- We have been looking for a green energy solution for more than a year. It has been difficult to find Polish utilities that offer green solutions. Fortunately, our mission came to a successful conclusion last month, and even though we have to pay a slightly higher price for green wind energy, it is important to us that we as a company take responsibility for the climate and the environment, says Przemysław Majewski.

Smog in Poland is a big problem

BSB Poland wants to be an inspiration for others

Przemysław Majewski expresses the hope that BSB Poland's initiative can help kick-start a movement in Poland that will work for cleaner air and a healthier environment.

- The smog density in Poland is the highest in Europe and the air pollution in the country is alarming. With our initiative and concrete investment in green wind energy, we hope that we can inspire our employees, other companies and the Polish society as a whole to take CO2 emissions and air pollution seriously, explains Przemysław Majewski, who believes that action must be taken now if a major environmental disaster is to be averted.

- At BSB Poland, we care deeply about the environment that we live in and that our children grow up in. Just as we care about the globe we pass on to our children and grandchildren. It is our sincere hope and ambition that with our shift to a 100 percent green energy-based line of production we can show the way and be pioneers for others who share our dream of a present and future Poland without smog and without alarmingly high levels of air pollution, emphasizes Przemysław Majewski.

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