11. October 2023

Experience our new Supply Center

BSB Industry's Supply Center, with its 13,600 square meters under roof and over 10,000 square meters outside, has the capacity to handle, assemble, and package everything from small screws and bolts to large constructions and wind turbine parts.

Package tasks and kit set solutions for offshore and the rest of the industry

Value-creating partnership

BSB Industry's Supply Center is a logistics and warehousing solution for the industrial sector. With 13,600 square meters of indoor space and an additional 10,000 square meters outdoors, we've got the capacity to handle, assemble, and package everything from tiny screws and bolts to large constructions and wind turbine components.

Located in Hammelev, in Southern Jutland, right off Highway Exit 68, our logistics center boasts prime accessibility. Its strategic location serves as a central hub for Northern Europe's port network as well as for transportation along the European highway system.

In a partnership with BSB Industry, you're getting an all-in-one package. We consolidate everything from production and procurement of complementary products to assembly, warehousing, and delivery into a streamlined kit set solution, delivered exactly where you need it.

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With a complete solution from BSB Industry, you strengthen your company's competitiveness. We deliver quality products in steel, stainless steel and aluminum at competitive prices and on agreed delivery times.

A logistics and storage solution for the industrial sector

  • Optimally located at highway E45, Exit 68
  • You save money, resources, and warehouse space
  • Experienced staff assemble and package your solutions
  • Secure delivery on-site worldwide
  • Robust quality control and high delivery performance

Our skilled team takes care in assembling your kit sets, complete with clearly marked item numbers. Coupled with quick response times and speedy delivery, we make sure we contribute to smooth and efficient running operations in your business.

High delivery performance is a cornerstone at BSB Industry's Supply Center. Our dedicated quality control team is constantly on the job, ensuring that the products you receive meet the quality you've come to expect— from the moment they enter our facility to the moment they're packed and shipped.


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