12. February 2021

From engineering to delivery with one stop shopping

Watch the film and experience how, with a BSB Industry Supply Chain Solution, you can have a complete solution with all the services and products you need to optimize your entire value chain measured in total cost, quality and delivery security.

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From supplier to strategic partner

- BSB Industry can be involved in the process all the way, from the development and the construction phase, where we collaborate with external partners, for example, to the delivery of the finished drawing materials. We purchase the raw materials for your solutions from the finest suppliers, primarily in Europe and secondarily in overseas countries. If you wish, we can buy your complementary products for home delivery for you, on your purchase contracts or on ours. In this way, the goods follow the goods we produce ourselves. The result is lower handling costs for you, explains the Sales Director.

- In a BSB Industry Supply Chain Solution we are also happy to handle your various assembly tasks, which are carried out according to your specifications, and we can store and send your goods when you need them. In short, we handle the entire solution, from engineering to production of the finished solution, to purchasing of the supply products, assembly and a storage solution with grouped consignment, Kristian Sloth says.

- The wind power industry and several large OEMs across different types of industries currently use our Supply Chain Solution, and we are prepared to form new strategic partnerships, that can make a positive difference for you and your company measured in terms of total costs, quality and reliability of delivery, says Kristian Sloth.

Supply Chain Solutions

As a subcontractor in the metal industry, BSB Industry can help your company throughout the value chain. We understand the competitive market your company navigates in, and by having a close dialogue with you, we will work together purposefully and continuously to reduce costs, optimize work processes and make things smarter tomorrow than today, explains Sales Director at BSB Industry, Kristian Sloth.

A BSB Industry Supply Chain Solution can consist of:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Development
  3. Purchasing
  4. Production
  5. Documentation
  6. Assembly
  7. Storage and logistics solution

Why choose a BSB Industry Supply Chain Solution?

  1. Your handling costs are lower
  2. We work together to find cost reductions
  3. You get competitive prices, which increase your competitiveness
  4. You have access to attractive storage and logistics solutions
  5. You get more cash flow
  6. You can get the documentation you need
  7. You can get complicated tasks resolved in a quality solution
  8. You enjoy short delivery times, large capacity and a high level of reliability of delivery


Kristian Sloth
Sales Director

Kristian Sloth

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