23. August 2023

Gerdt’s mission is to ensure high delivery performance at BSB Supply Center

Gerdt Hansen has taken up the position as quality specialist at BSB Industry's new Supply Center in Hammelev in Southern Jutland. He brings with him extensive experience from working with quality assurance of aluminium solutions for the highly ambitious German automotive industry.

Optimizing workflows at the Supply Centre

Uniform quality, organisational structure and optimization of processes have always been top of mind at BSB Industry, and with the hiring of 60-year-old Gerdt Hansen, the steel company has placed an extremely capable professional at the forefront of the continued development of quality control at the 13,000 square meter Supply Center.

- At BSB Industry, we feel that we have made a scoop with the appointment of Gerdt Hansen. During his career, he has been focused on procurement, production planning and, not least, the issues and challenges of achieving high quality. I am confident that he is the missing piece in our team to ensure an even higher delivery performance with us, emphasizes Rafael Kropp Wojtczak, Supply Center Manager at BSB Industry.

The goal is flawless deliveries

BSB Industry's new quality specialist is to be responsible for ensuring products meeting the highest standards as well as promised quality, from the moment they enter the door until they are packed and shipped to customers.

- One of my main areas of responsibility is entry inspection, at which point I register the goods and materials incoming and make sure that our subcontractors deliver to us at top quality. It is crucial that the products and components we stock for our customers are 100 percent all right. If they do not meet tolerance requirements, we end up failing in the overall solutions, explains Gerdt Hansen, while he is busy checking that a fitting complies with the specifications on the drawing.

Gerdt Hansen / Quality employee

Quality is our responsibility

We must dare to make greater demands on our subcontractors. It is critically important that they deliver products that match the specifications made with the order.

Gerdt Hansen / Quality employee

Optimization of workflows at the Supply Center

One of Gerdt Hansen's most important tasks will be to create a strong organizational structure around quality control. Building fixed procedures will ensure high consistent delivery performance, where customers can come to expect and experience a very minimum of errors.

- We must dare to make greater demands on our subcontractors. It is critically important that they deliver products that match the specifications made with the order. With a fixed procedure around the goods entry control and an ongoing optimization of the workflows at the warehouse, where everyone is keenly focused on the high level of quality BSB Industry that intends to deliver, I am confident that we will reach our goal and end up having way more happy and satisfied customers, explains Gerdt Hansen.

Gerdt Hansen has taken up the position of quality employee

Errors hurt the bottom line

As little a number of customer complaints as possible is a bottom-line goal, and one of Gerdt Hansen's daily routines is performing random checks of materials and work processes.

- It costs us when we do make mistakes. My job is to grab errors early on and ensure that we send flawless solutions to the customers. A close dialogue with our subcontractors is important, as they play a central role in our success with a joint mission to push customer satisfaction to the top, explains Gerdt Hansen, who is indeed pleased to have landed a job at a particularly fine workplace.

- We have a great atmosphere at BSB Industry. It is clearly impressioned on you that you are a valued staff member, just as we have good collegiality, where we make each other better. I have landed in a job where I will definitely stay for the remainder of my career, emphasizes Gerdt Hansen, before he continues with measurements and quality assurance of the many pallets and goods that land in the Supply Center in Hammelev every day.


Rafael Kropp Wojtczak
Supply Center Manager

Rafael Kropp Wojtczak

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