21. November 2023

Green transition

The endeavour of achieving sustainability has no end date: Even if we eventually succeed in becoming CO2-neutral, our work is not finished.

BSB Industry Winnie Fedders

No risk exists that suddenly there will be nothing to do when it comes to the agenda of sustainability. New challenges will surely emerge, says Winnie Fedders, whose goal it is to turn BSB Industry, step by step, even more sustainable.

This article was written by journalist Henrik Kruse and published in Danish business news media “Erhvervsliv Trekanten”.

The movement towards more sustainable business practices got an extra push when Winnie Fedders was hired four years ago to lead the work with quality and environment at BSB Industry, which is primarily a subcontractor to the wind turbine industry, where they manufacture steel foundations, among other things.

But even though the metal company is at the forefront of sustainability, there is no risk that she suddenly will have no work tasks to perform.

Specialist in her ace

Specialist in her ace

- I will say that even if we are not frontrunners, we are up front. This means that we are in constant lack of someone to compare ourselves with, who has trodden the path before us, and even though we are of a decent size, in this context we are a small company. As a subcontractor, we are subject to our customers' demands, and there is no doubt that we are moving in a more sustainable direction, says Winnie Fedders with the title QHSE specialist.

For several years she has worked with quality, health, safety, and environment in leading positions at various companies. Now, she is a specialist in charge who must make things happen, and there will always be something to tackle.

- We’re on the journey that never ends when it comes to sustainability. Even if we eventually become CO2-neutral, we will never be finished. We have not solved the problem. There will be - with 100 percent certainty - something else we need to address.

- That's how it will always be. New things will always appear and move into into the agenda. Right now, for example, plastic takes a lot of our attention. In 30 years, it will be other materials we are looking at, I have no doubt about that, says Winnie Fedders.

The bottom line is our partner

The 'endless journey' is about constantly looking for new opportunities. Four years ago, the company offered a farewelll to the gas furnace, and instead, an air-to-air heat pump was installed.

One of the most important arguments was the opportunity to save money, and they have both saved money and spared the environment - in fact, more than initially assumed. Now they are considering switching to an air-to-water system.

- We are constantly looking into where to improve, and we prefer it to be concrete and specific. We have a whole system for continuous improvements, where we follow a plan with projects that must be completed in 100 days.

- We have an entire system where we operate according to a plan that can handle things in 100 days. The elephant must be cut into smaller pieces, and this also applies to sustainability, says Winnie Fedders.

Winnie Fedders / QHSE Specialist

Sustainability and the bottom line go hand in hand

It's always about having a good business. If we don't have that, then we can't be sustainable. The bottom line is a collaborator. We are not running a charity. We are here to make money. If we don't make money, then we are not here.

Winnie Fedders / QHSE Specialist

Sustainable measures

The company, for example, switched to CO2-neutral welding gas a year and a half ago, which is a bit more expensive.

- When a customer chooses us as supplier, it is not yet critical that we use CO2-neutral gas. But there is no doubt that our customers are pleased to see us contribute.

- If we don't do it now, we will be left on the platform when the train leaves. Right now, we can choose where we want to intervene so that we can hold on to our business, says Winnie Fedders, and precisely holding onto a business is still most important.

It will still be a few years before customers choose a subcontractor solely because they are greener than the competitors. Today, being 'green' is more of a competitive parameter among several.

- It's always about having a good business. If we don't have that, then we can't be sustainable. The bottom line is a collaborator. We are not running a charity. We are here to make money. If we don't make money, then we are not here, points out Winnie Fedders.

Being concrete and specific is important

The specialist now looks forward to the EU coming more into play. This is already happening from 2024 when the EU directive, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), means that there are new legal requirements for companies' sustainability reporting in the annual report.

This means that initiatives within sustainability become more concrete, and one can begin to compare apples with apples, says Winnie Fedders.

- Companies say a lot of things, and there are many goals about where one should be in 2030, 2040, or 2050. But what is the starting point? It has been very little concrete so far.

- There have been many fine words for many years, but not many concrete calculations. This can be in relation to both CO2 emissions and gender diversity. Now something more concrete is coming, and that is needed, says Winnie Fedders.

Vestas and BSB Industry in closer partnership

Generally, she is just happy that the agenda with sustainability becomes concrete, and for the same reason, BSB Industry is part ofDecoupling 2030, which is about the circular economy, where one thinks in terms of recyclable materials and recyclable waste: Our scrap is others' treasure.

- Conferences are fine, and it's fine to hear a CEO of a large company talk about how they approach the whole agenda. But the most important thing for me is the concrete. We have a task we need to solve, and by seeing how others solve the task, we get inspiration to solve our own challenges, concludes Winnie Fedders.

You can find the entire article on “Erhvervsliv Trekanten” website (In Danish)

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