13. April 2019

Machinist Anna Krogshave Dahlgren about everyday life in BSB Industry

Granted. When we take a hard look at the employee group in the production department, men dominate. But among the many men we actually do find a female machinist, Anna Krogshave Dahlgren. You get a chance to meet her here in the series about everyday life in BSB Industry.

Wiertarki i frezarki na obrabiarkach

"I am a physiotherapist by training, but I got a little tired of that line of work. My father is an engineer at BSB Industry and to be honest I only accepted an offer of employment then because I needed a job. Today I am very, very happy that I ended up as a machinist. The job is exciting, challenging and demanding, and I enjoy the company of very good colleagues. People are cheerful and in high spirits.

In the beginning I fed the machines that drill and mill holes in templates for wind turbines. Today I am programming the same machines. BSB Industry provides space and offers opportunity for me to develop my skills and potential whereby I gain greater responsibility and higher job satisfaction. I like that."


Heino Pedersen
Production Manager

Heino Pedersen

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