15. June 2021

New grinder ensures uniform and high quality

If you need to have items in steel, stainless steel and aluminum grinded in a high and uniform quality, there is help to be found at BSB Industry, where a brand new Lissmac SMD 325 grinding machine has been installed in the grinding workshop in Lunderskov.

High and uniform quality with grinding

Lissmac SMD 325

- Our new Lissmac SMD 325 is a handy, fast and thorough grinder that can grind in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. A smart slatted strip effectively removes OXID obstacles and slag, after which four rotating brushes take over and grind items with a radius of up to 2.0 mm, explains Heino Rathcke, Cutting Department Manager at BSB Industry.

Grinding machine provides high quality and a healthier working environment

The grinder can handle all cut items and it has a grinding width of 1350 mm. A magnet is mounted in the strap that holds the items in place.

- The investment in the Lissmac SMD 325 grinder has two purposes in particular. Firstly, we at BSB Industry want to deliver 100 percent finished items in a uniform and high quality to the customers and secondly, the automation of the work process provides a cleaner and healthier working environment, because the dust from grinding simply stays inside the machine, emphasizes Heino Rathcke.

The Lissmac SMD 325 grinder has a user-friendly interface, just as the belt is automatically washed by an integrated washing system.

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Heino Rathcke
Cutting Department Manager

Heino Rathcke

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