28. March 2019

Newly recruited bending machine operator about his start-up in BSB Industry

To meet increasing demand, BSB Industry has hired yet another new employee. Meet our newly appointed bending machine operator Thomas Bennedsen in the series about everyday life in BSB Industry.

Meet our newly hired trestle operator Thomas Bennedsen

"I heard through a fiend that BSB Industry was seeking a bending machine operator. I called Heino Ratchke, head of the laser department, one Wednesday morning. The next day I was in for a talk and the following week I was at it early Monday morning. That was fast, but I haven't regretted my switch to BSB Industry one bit. It is a phenomenal workplace, and although the atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious, there is no escaping the fact that we work hard, because everyone is committed to delivering on agreed time.

Today Allan Nielsen, who is responsible for calibration and maintenance, has been instructing me on calibration of machines and tools. I have been given a thorough explanation as to how the machines work and what to watch out for. Calibration is critically important to keep and maintain high quality performance. Whatever we deliver must be 100 percent in order to meet customer's specifications, requirements and general expectations."

Photo: Manager of the laser department Heino Rathcke, left, bending machine operator Thomas Bennedsen, center, and to the right Allan Nielsen, responsible for calibration and maintenance in BSB Industry.


Heino Rathcke
Cutting Department Manager

Heino Rathcke

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