4. April 2019

Newly started staff association will strengthen the bonds between employees

BSB Industry's newly started staff association has set up an idea box in the canteen. Pawel Prochera, Bogustaw Dabrowski, Andrzej Prochera and Karen Iversen, who are all on the board of the staff association, hope that the employees will come up with good ideas and suggestions for events.

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"In the staff association we would like to arrange a number of social events that can help strengthen the feeling of community and satisfaction in BSB Industry. Management backs us up both morally and economically. But to get started, we need to have suggestions for events or activities we can do together. Therefore, we have put up an idea box in the canteen, and everyone is invited to put forward their ideas and suggestions.

The first general meeting of the staff association is due in early April. After that we are ready to get down to work and expect to have the first social event up and running well before the summer holidays. Whatever it will be depends which of the suggestions from the idea box that will attract the greatest interest."

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