2. May 2019

Project manager Anders Wyke about everyday life in BSB Industry

What happens in BSB Industry on an ordinary Thursday? Get the answer and meet a number of our talented employees in stories about everyday life in productions and in the offices of BSB Industry. In this story you get to meet project manager Anders Wyke of Sales.

Project manager Anders Wyke

"In BSB Industry the sales team and I every day receive exciting and challenging inquiries on cutting, machining and welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Today, for example, I’m busy calculating a price for one of our regular customers.

Based on the customer's drawing and specifications, I think carefully about how we solve the task. Which materials should be used? Do we need to employ a subcontractor and how many man hours do I estimate the task for? When these things are settled, the sales team and I come up with a quote.

Calculating a price is just one of many tasks, we handle. When the job is landed, I follow up on the project and ensure that the solution and the quality of it meet customer's expectations 100 percent."

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