21. March 2019

Rikke van Rensburg scored the highest grade

In the first story in a series about everyday life in BSB Industry, you get to meet Rikke van Rensburg. Thursday afternoon she was celebrated by her colleagues in the offices of BSB Industry after she scored the highest grade, a beautiful 12, in the final exam of her studies to become an office clerk, specializing in administration.

Meeting Rikke van Rensburg from Customer Service

"The job as an office clerk in BSB Industry is just the right one for me. I have tried several things in my work life, but I enjoy using my head and handling daily management tasks in close cooperation with my skilled colleagues. We have a really good interaction going on in the office, both socially and professionally. We are good at using each other's knowledge and experience.

In the final exam, I presented my report on the status and development of customer satisfaction analyzes in BSB Industry. Through our optimization and development program "Continuous Business Improvement", popularly known as CBI, I have been able to work on matters related to analyzing and optimizing work processes in BSB Industry, with a hard focus on how to better meet customer’s needs.

One of the results of my work with customer satisfaction analyzes is, that we have introduced new workflows in the laser department. In order to meet customers' desire for faster feedback, we have changed some work processes. This way we have freed up time that can be used instead for order handling and responding to customer inquiries."

Rikke van Rensburg will graduate on April 30, 2019 and will continue her employment at BSB Industry, now as a fully trained office clerk.


Rikke van Rensburg
Customer Service Coordinator

Rikke van Rensburg

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