14. December 2022

This year’s Employee satisfaction survey repeats the high scores from last year on job satisfaction

The employees are pleased to work at BSB. This is evidenced by a brand new survey of employee satisfaction in the steel company.

Kenneth Schøler in dialogue with Majbritt Greisen Søgaard

The employees at BSB Industry enjoy a good working environment, where they are not left alone with their tasks if they need a helping hand. They go to work with a smile on the face and the vast majority experience joy and satisfaction with their work. At the same time, employees regard the workplace as safe with mutual trust, where the focus is on quality and value creation for customers.

- This is a result of a new employee satisfaction analysis, with which we are generally satisfied, say CEO Morten Krusborg, CFO Claus Iwersen and HR consultant Sonja Stokholm, who have been prime movers in the employee satisfaction analysis.

A satisfactory work environment is part of our DNA

BSB Industry is pursuing an ambitious growth strategy, and it is in the company's DNA to fine-tune business operations and constantly try to make things a notch better and smarter today than they were yesterday.

- The employees are the foundation for our successful growth journey that we have been travelling in recent years. It is important that we continuously keep track of of the temperature among employees as to get insights on where and when to act when it comes to developing and maintaining a good and safe working environment, because it helps to retain employees and attract new talented colleagues, explains Sonja Stokholm about the background for the employee satisfaction analysis.

Morten Krusborg / CEO

Our skilled employees play an all-important role in our growth strategy, because the chance of success in the market is greatest when we have a good working environment, where everyone is on the same wavelength and pulling in the same direction.

Morten Krusborg / CEO

We must pull in the same direction

The employees naturally play a very central role in the growth strategy, and CEO Morten Krusborg is pleased that the employee satisfaction analysis shows that the management and the employees to a large extent operate according to the same values and goals.

- It is about us constantly optimizing our processes through continous business improvement (CBI) projects so that we can produce more competitively, create added value for our customers and deliver the right quality with high delivery reliability. Here, our skilled employees play an all-important role, because the chance of success in the market is greatest when we have a good working environment, where everyone is on the same wavelength and pulling in the same direction, emphasizes Morten Krusborg.

Truck driving at the Supply Center in Vingen

Good inputs will pave the way for an even better working environment

The employee satisfaction analysis naturally encourages management to dive into the answer pool in order to find ways to further strengthen the working environment.

- Fortunately, we see very few negative responses, but we can gather that we must direct a special focus on the blue collar employees. Here, we will, among other things, launch initiatives that can help to strengthen trust in the management group. Both in relation to the decisions we make and our attitude to quality. In addition, we can also note that we have to take actions against stress in the workplace, just as we must all remember to recognize and appreciate each other's efforts on a daily basis. Even when things are moving fast around us, emphasizes Claus Iwersen.


Claus Iwersen
Partner / CFO

Claus Iwersen

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