1. July 2021

You really kicked butt. Thank you!

Click and read CEO Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen's summer greeting to the employees of BSB Group.

CEO of BSB Industry Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen

Finally! After almost a year and a half with covid-19, we are on our way into more normal conditions. The face masks are dumped in the trash, and we can meet again in a festive mood, eat out and have fun with colleagues, friends and loved ones.

The Covid-19 pandemic has required an extraordinary effort from all of you. While the administrative staff, sales and customer service in the first months of the year worked hard from home, our machinists and operators worked their tails off in production in both Poland and Denmark.

I want to state it clearly and say it out loud to all of you, that you have done better than great! You have kept the business going, worked hard and fought every day to fulfill our lofty ambitions to increase turnover and maintain and strengthen quality, while at the same time preserving a fine and noble workplace with a safe and secure working environment.

I want you to know that I and everyone in management in BSB Group greatly appreciate your efforts. You are the foundation for the success we experience and the reason why we can step up when, for example, Vestas and other great customers in the wind industry and the general industry select us as their trusted partner.

New strategy and lots of projects

The first six months of the year have been busy and exciting. After the remodeling of Industrivej, our administrative staff is once again united in Denmark, our supply chain solution has moved into Vingen, and investments have been made in new machinery in both Denmark and Poland.

We are sharper than ever before on QHSE, and we have given birth to BSB Group's new, ambitious 3-year growth strategy, which, among other things, highlights how we as a global supplier of steel components, structures and specific solutions continuously create value for our customers.

Thank you for your efforts in the first six months of the year. You have worked hard and made a positive difference for BSB Group. Now a well-deserved summer vacation awaits around the corner. Enjoy your summer holiday whether it is to be held in Denmark, in Poland or abroad under warmer skies.

I wish you and your family a really good summer vacation. Be well and take good care of each other.

Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen

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