As an supplier to the wind industry, we at BSB feel a special commitment to work diligently and intensively with the environment.

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Sustainable measures

At BSB, we focus on sustainable measures, a circular economy, recycling and a green approach to solutions. Energy saving, waste management and general environmental optimization are all active components in our production and general operations and also apply as an overall and mandatory premise in all new projects and processes.

We want to make a difference for the environment

At BSB, we are committedly to reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions, just as we have a constant focus on minimizing waste in production processes and other initiatives that help to make a difference.

What exactly are we doing?

  1. We use climate-friendly CO2-neutral welding gas
  2. We analyze our energy consumption
  3. We use 100 percent green electricity flowing from Danish wind turbines in our production lines
  4. We have introduced principles for waste sorting
  5. We work with leading food recycler Daka Refood to stop food waste
  6. We have mapped our CO2 emissions
  7. We collaborate with the Danish Design Center to make processes sustainable
  8. We will support sustainable forestry by using marked wood in transport
  9. We use surplus water from heat pumps for cooling by thermal cutting
  10. We are phasing out the use of PSE in the supply of fiberglass parts
  11. We have halved gas consumption in production
  12. We have installed a demand-controlled ventilation and extraction system
  13. We have implementet energy-saving LED lighting
  14. We have installed a heat pump that provides a large annual CO2 saving

BSB Environmental Report 2021

Please download our Environmental Report 2021 and read more about experiences and achieved results.

Environment ISO 14001 1

Environmental management system 14001

At BSB Industry we have implemented the environmental management system 14001. With this ISO certification we create greater transparency and absolute certainty that we work seriously with the environment and the climate by choosing green energy, sorting waste, using recycled materials, producing on new and up-to-date machinery and by constantly focusing on climate-friendly decisionmaking that helps lay the foundations for a sustainable future.

Download ISO 14001 Certificate

100 percent green energy

Since 2018, our production has run 100 percent on green energy produced by wind turbines. Of course, our lighting is by LED, just as the old gas heater has been replaced by an air to air heat pump. The heating of the buildings with the air to air heat pump by itself produces an annual CO2 saving of nothing less than 81 tons.

Efficiencies for the benefit of the climate are constantly under consideration and by installing a demand-controlled ventilation and extraction system we will save an additional 307,000 kilowatts per year.

Our factory in Ciechocin, Poland, runs on 100 percent green energy

At our factory in Polish Ciechocin, fossil fuels have been replaced with green wind energy, a fact of which we are of course proud. With the investment in 100 percent green energy, the factory reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1,136,800 kilos per year or more than 1,100 tonnes.

In Poland, smog concentration is one of the densest in Europe, and air pollution is alarmingly high. As a larger company, we have a responsibility to run a more sustainable production and reduce our CO2 emissions.

We hope that our initiative will inspire our employees, other companies and the Polish society as a whole to take CO2 emissions and air pollution seriously.

Apqp4wind Company Member 2023

Proud member of APQP4Wind

APQP4Wind is the common frame of reference to be used in the industry to strengthen the cooperation between Manufacturers and Suppliers. APQP4Wind aims to make the process of product quality assurance demands as well as the product release process as clear as possible and have a vision to align and mature the global wind industry supply chain and to be the quality assurance methodology used by the entire global wind industry from design to end-user.

Learn more about APQP4Wind

BSB uses climate-friendly CO2-neutral welding gas

The Linde Green product range is approximately 7 percent more expensive for us. We at BSB have decided to accept this added expense because we believe that we as a company in the “black” industry carry a special responsibility for the climate and for reducing our CO2 emissions.

The cutting and welding gas we get from tanks from Linde is made on green energy, and therefore contributes to us being able to achieve our common climate goals within the green transition of gas consumption. At BSB, of course, we cannot make the difference alone. But we can help show the way for other companies in the heavy industry.

Stop food wast – Recycle more

BSB collaborates with DAKA REFOOD to stop food waste and utilize the resources in organic waste. The food waste from our canteen will be recycled and used for heating or converted into feed, fertilizer and biodiesel. It is common sense.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

At BSB, we feel a special responsibility for the climate challenges facing the world. We work towards several of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

We have a special focus on goal 12, which is about responsible consumption and production, and of course goal 7, which focuses on sustainable energy, and goal 13, which concentrates on climate efforts.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

If we really want to do something to ensure a sustainable future, it is especially our consumption and production that we need to change. At BSB, we are constantly working to minimize our climate footprint in production.

Being an integral part of the heavy industry, where production equipment has a high energy consumption, it is all the more important to us at BSB Industry to act and take responsibility for the climate.

One of the sub-goals in goal 12 is that by 2030 we must reduce the amount of waste significantly through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling. Therefore, of course, we sort all waste and recycle whereever possible.

Goals 7 and 13: Sustainable energy and climate action

Goal 7 is about giving everyone access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy, while Goal 13 is both about slowing climate change and strengthening our resilience towards changes that can no longer be avoided. For example, we must reduce our CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil with sustainable green energy from, for example, wind turbines.

BSB Industry was an early supplier to the emerging wind turbine industry even before there was something called the UN Goals for Sustainable Development. But with the UN Goals to Transform Our World we have become even more aware of the importance of converting from fossil fuels to wind energy, including a growing need for our total solutions regarding, for instance, Anchor Cages.

At BSB Industry we take responsibility and work strategically to constantly optimize and develop our production lines, so that in the future we will be able to care for the environment in the ways we produce and logistically be as close to the customers as possible, this way helping prepare for a sustainable future with regards to energy.

Sustainable Development Goals 1

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