Health and safety

At BSB, we care about our employees and take their health and safety seriously.

Morten Stoy, Rikke van Rensburg and Majbritt Greisen Søgaard at the office in Lunderskov

Well-being and health are paramount

Our employees are our biggest asset, and it is critically important for us create a workplace, where employees feel welcome and appreciated. At the same time, our aim is to have healthy employees in a safe environment.

These two parameters are big drivers in a changing world, and we use them to ensure that new projects and processes are risk managed.


Health & Safety ISO 45001 + Bek. 1409/2020 1

ISO 45001 certified

At BSB, we are of course ISO 45001 certified, because we want to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy workplace, where we prevent accidents and work-related injuries and initiate health-promoting measures.

Through the ISO 45001 certification, we focus on:

  • Prevention of work-related injuries
  • Health-promoting measures
  • Development and implementation of HS policies and goals
  • Management's commitment to the HS management system
  • Elimination of HS risk

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Grinding of stainless steel items

Near-miss incidents are taken seriously

At BSB, the goal is to not have accidents at work at all, and we work continuously with our common mindset in relation to safety in the workplace. For example, we have made it easy to report and record near-misses with QR codes available all over the factory.

If an employee encounters an uncertain situation or near-miss incident, he or she snaps a picture, scans the QR code, that creates an email, and attaches the photo to that email. The email goes to the QHSE, which makes sure to contact those in charge so that the issue can be dealt with.

The Crown Smiley

The Crown Smiley (”Kronesmileyen”), the highest attainable health and safety certification i Denmark, indicates that BSB is officially certified with regards to health and safety. It is a guarantee that BSB is handling its working environment systematically and with purpose.

Click and see our green crown smiley on the Danish Working Environment Authority's website

Staff association strengthens the community

Common bonding between colleagues is important to job satisfaction. Therefore, we take pride in the fact that our employees on their own initiative have established a staff association that organizes social events. The staff association has set up an idea box in the canteen, where all employees can submit proposals for common activities

Just to name a few events, the Staff Association has been out go-karting, hosting beer tastings and parties and gone bowling several times.

At BSB, we naturally support the Staff Association.

The staff association

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