Quality solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum

At BSB, we are dedicated to our mission of creating quality solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We provide the documentation you want and the flexibility you need. Together with professional advice, delivery on time and a high level of service, this is the backbone of our collaboration.

Success in the US requires more milling capacity

Quality assurance is constantly in focus

We work continuously with quality assurance to provide stable processes in the entire organization which will manifest itself in quality products at the right time. At the same time, we have a high level of quality control to ensure products where processes cannot.

ISO 9001 certified

At BSB, we produce quality solutions that meet the requirements of market-leading industrial customers. We are of course ISO 9001 certified and work continuously with quality assurance to deliver stable processes throughout the organization. This is manifested in products that match the requirements of your company for quality, tolerance levels and delivery times.

We know that quality is paramount, whether it is a simple machined item or a complex construction. Therefore, we have a high level of quality control, which gives us a solid foundation for constantly optimizing and fine-tuning work processes, so that we reduce deviations to an absolute minimum.

At BSB, we are specialists and of course certified in all common welding processes. The certification is your guarantee that we are geared to deliver the quality you demand.

We are no better than our machinery allows

At BSB, we maintain and update our machinery and tools constantly so that they live up to current standards and not least our own expectations of always standing ready to deliver in high quality with a minimum of deviations.

This means, for example, that our lifting gear is CE-marked, and that we continuously invest in new machinery in order to always be capable of delivering the quality you demand.

High and uniform quality with grinding

Proud member og APQP4Wind

APQP4Wind is the common frame of reference to be used in the industry to strengthen the cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers. APQP4Wind aims to make the process of product quality assurance demands as well as the product release process as clear as possible and have a vision to align and mature the global wind industry supply chain and to be the quality assurance methodology used by the entire global wind industry from design to end-user.

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