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RK Maskinteknik

Fast delivery, high quality and prices that Laust Klausen cannot find lower at other production plants, are the main reasons why the daily operations and design manager at RK Maskinteknik in Vamdrup, Jutland, works closely with BSB Industry on laser cutting, flame cutting and bending of items for the industry.

CNC Plasma cutting

- For example, BSB Industry cuts and bends our items for heat shields, barbecue equipment, braziers and brackets for machines. Previously, we solved these tasks ourselves. But it was too labor-intensive for us because we didn't have the right machinery for efficient production. BSB Industry on the other hand does have that kind of specialized and efficient machinery.

- Working with BSB Industry means that we now benefit from much lower costs for cutting and bending compared to the situation in the past where we did this work ourselves, explains Laust Klausen, who has nothing but praise for the quality of products and the close cooperation that RK Maskinteknik enjoys with BSB Industry.

- BSB Industry has a large bulk of advanced machinery and therefore high production capacity. The quality of their work is second to none. They are very competitive on price and flexibility. We can always call them and have a chat about how to reach the best possible solution. When we are in a rush we can usually have a solution delivered the very next day. This enables us to maintain a high delivery security towards our customers, emphasizes Laust Klausen.

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The good cooperation goes both ways

RK Maskinteknik's 14 employees work with, among other things, the building of special machinery, welded constructions and milled, turned and drilled component parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and brass, and within these areas of solutions, RK Maskinfabrik and BSB Industry complement each other very well.

Orders also go the other way as BSB Industry uses RK Maskinfabrik for certain tasks.

- We use RK Maskinfabrik for turning and milling tasks. They are specialists in these areas and always deliver a high quality. Overall, we have a good cooperation that goes both ways. We complement each other well, and in working together we can provide the very best solutions for our customers, explains Heino Rathcke, Cutting Department Manager at BSB Industry.

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