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High delivery reliability and uniform quality

A maximum delivery time of three days, high quality of bent items and competitive prices are the three main reasons Kevin Christensen, owner and CEO of WeldingDroid, has chosen BSB Industry as a main supplier to the company's inventive automated welding machine.

Automated welding machine in Weldingdroid

- Working with BSB Industry, I will not have to wait 14 days to have delivered, for example, laser cut plates, rotated shafts for gears or bushings. They have the muscle, the capacity and the needed raw materials in stock. This means that BSB Industry can supply me with needed components in just three days, explains Kevin Christensen, emphasizing that delivery reliability and, not the least, speed is crucial for the company.

- WeldingDroid is an automated welding machine that makes welding of even cut tubes, flanges, collars and bends easier, faster and more efficient. The machine is 100 percent functional, but we are constantly working to improve it and increase capacity.

- In a development phase, it is important that we get new sub-components delivered quickly so that we can immediately see if the solution works. In cases of urgent delivery, I often have my order delivered the following day. That is impressive, says the entrepreneur and inventor of the automated welding machine who does not shy away from giving much praise to BSB Industry.

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The quality is top notch

- The quality of BSB Industry's work is top notch. The items are bent so they fit perfectly. We always have a good dialogue and if they find a minor mistake when looking through the drawings, we will fix it together. It gives me great assurance that I know that BSB Industry is meticulous in their work.

- Last but not least, I find that we benefit from BSB Industry having a size that allows them to buy iron in volumes at really good prices. This means that our price will be kept down too, emphasizes WeldingDroid-boss Kevin Christensen.

Facts about WeldingDroid

WeldingDroid is an automated welding machine that streamlines workflows, eliminates bad postures and creates consistent results - every time. The welding machine can weld a 400 millimeter pipe in less than 6 minutes - versus 35 minutes manually - with full burn-in.

WeldingDroid became nationally famous when they starred in the Danish version of Dragons’ Den on Denmarks Radio TV in January 2020, where serial investors Jesper Buch and Jacob Risgaard fell in love with the inventive welding machine and its creators Christian Olsen and Kevin Christensen.

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