14. October 2019

The US wind industry shows increasing interest in BSB Industry’s Anchor Cages

New meetings in Chicago and Minneapolis confirm that companies within the US wind industry are increasingly interested in BSB Industry's Anchor Cages product.

BSB Industry - U.S. Onshore Wind Turbines

Anchor Cages is a total solution that anchors the wind turbine tower to the foundation of onshore wind turbines. BSB Industry combines in-house components with purchased parts resulting in a complete solution ready for the installation of a wind turbine. This feature in particular has great appeal to potential customers in the US business area of sustainable energy production, explains BSB Industry sales manager Kristian Sloth.

"Several companies in the US wind industry are now showing a keen interest in our Anchor Cages, because we can offer a product, where they get one total solution. Normally they have to buy plates and bolts and parts with different suppliers, whereas BSB Industry can provide them with a complete solution that shortens and simplifies their work process and also, importantly, is expected to lower their total costs," explains Kristian Sloth.

US-interest is no surprise to the Danish Consulate General in Chicago

US companies' interest in BSB Industry's Anchor Cages does not surprise Anna Thalund Daugaard, Wind Energy Advisor at the Danish Consulate General in Chicago, which is part of the Danish Foreign Ministry's export-promoting organization The Trade Council.

"Danish companies are widely recognized in the US for providing intelligent and innovative solutions not the least to the wind industry. BSB Industry's Anchor Cages is a good example of that and I expect that the product is well positioned to succeed in the US market," says Anna Thalund Daugaard, citing a number of reasons.

The Trade Council Logo - BSB Industry

"Anchor Cages is built in a steel structure. Steel is expensive in the United States and typically up to 30 percent more expensive than in the European market. That alone gives BSB Industry a head start. At the same time, BSB Industry has developed a product where they provide a complete solution ready for setup. It is attractive to the US contractors who set up wind farms, as they can reduce the number of suppliers and make their work process smoother," explains Anna Thalund Daugaard, who wins high praise by the BSB Industry sales manager.

"Anna Thalund Daugaard and her colleagues at the Danish Consulate General in Chicago have been very effective in helping us make contacts with potential customers in the US, and they are great at advising us on what it takes to establish a presence in this market," emphasizes Kristian Sloth.

Laying a foundation for a new export adventure to the US

Last May he participated, together with the CEO of BSB Industry Teddy Norsgaard Jørgensen and, among others, the Danish Consulate General in Chicago in the AWEA WINDPOWER fair in Houston Texas.

"At the AWEA WINDPOWER fair we made some good contacts with companies that showed an immediate interest in working together with us.  Since then we have visited several of these companies in order to get to know them better and gather information so that we can work out the right go-to-market strategies and attempt to make the first of hopefully many new deals," says Kristian Sloth.

The effort and willingness of BSB Industry to work the market and do the necessary homework are yet other reasons why Wind Energy Advisor at the Danish Consulate General in Chicago, Anna Thalund Daugaard, believes that BSB Industry is going to fulfill the promise of a US export adventure happening.

"BSB Industry works studiously and seriously and has the right approach. It means everything to meet the actual customers and listen to them and get to understand their expectations and requirements for a collaboration. This export adventure is still in the start-up phase, but both we and the US contractors can feel that BSB Industry is ready to do what it takes to succeed in the US market."

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Facts on The Trade Council

The Trade Council is a Danish worldwide export promoting organization. In the United States, the council works out of the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC and of the Consulate Generals of New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX and Silicon Valley, CA.

The Trade Council helps Danish companies enter the US market through a range of services such as start-up, establishment, recruitment and information on local business conditions.

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